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“Emirates ID” stresses the importance of quality and precision of the population register system

TO all employees: it is of the utmost importance

Dr. Al Ghafli: our main concern is to provide a comprehensive qualitative register system to act as a reference for decision makers

Raising awareness of the merits of “Validation Gateway”, and its role in facilitating and improving services

The senior management of Emirates ID authority maintained the importance of completing a precise, comprehensive, and up-to-date population register, one that enables the authority to provide the information needed for the decision makers in the country. The population register should meet the finest and latest standards of quality and contribute to realizing the authority’s vision of being in the vanguard among other governmental institutions committed to promoting the elements of security and global competitiveness of the country.

The board called all the employees, namely those responsible of registration and auditing, to give the quality of the customers data prime importance on all the levels of the services the authority provides, whether the registration procedures in the population register system for the first time or renewing\replacing the ID, so that all information contained in the record of the client including all the written and biological data is accurate and up-to-date. This is to make it easier for all concerned institutions to provide services for the individual based on the finest standards, it also enables the individual to access the service he needs in the easiest and best way and within the shortest time possible.

This came during a meeting chaired by Dr. Saeed Abdullah bin Mutlaq Al Ghafli, the Director General of the Emirates ID Authority, in his office with the managers of the departments and sectors of the authority. The meeting aimed at discussing the status of the authority’s projects and each project’s role in enhancing and promoting the governmental services, along with supporting the decision making and strategic planning of the country.

In addition, Dr. Al Ghafli stated that the authority’s main concern is to develop the population register system in terms of quality and comprehensiveness, and to focus on the reliability and precision of the recorded data in a way that qualifies the register as the main reference for the decision makers and those concerned with strategic planning, and as conducive  to boost the stakeholders’ competence of analysis, prediction, and policy outlining, especially when it comes to the demographic and social characteristics of the population.

Meanwhile, Dr. Al Ghafli affirmed the importance of raising awareness and recognition of the merits of the validation gateway and its role in facilitating the procedures for the institutions to enable them to check the identity of the ID holders while conducting relevant electronic transactions in a safe and reliable manner and in facilitating the processes of using the ID and relevant digital certificates in a way that enables the agencies and individuals alike to conclude electronic transactions easily and smoothly.

Dr. Al Ghafli also mentioned that broadening the scope of the benefits of the validation gateway services effectively contributes to promoting the safety of online services in the country, and advocating the institutions’ endeavor to provide new and broad smart services. Furthermore, it will encourage individuals to avail from the benefits offered, and thus, accelerating the process of smart transformation in the country. Dr. Al Ghafli also pointed out the role of the gateway in improving the efficiency by its disposal of the requirement of paper documents, consequently assisting the acquisition of information safely and promoting the safety and precision of the data being derived from a sole reliable source, namely; the ID card.

The meeting also witnessed checking the recent developments of the electronic link project and its key performance indicator results; in the meantime, Dr. Al Ghafli stressed the importance of shortening the time frame of matching the records with the data, broadening the scope of the project and allowing the joining of more aspiring entities to the project based on the regulations of the project; consequently establishing a modern comprehensive system and enabling the population register database to be the sole resource of improving the services in the private and public sectors alike, besides allowing the immediate and direct upgrading of data related to the population of the country.

Moreover, the meeting discussed the progress of implementing the corporate governance plan in the authority and the regular revision of performance in all various initiatives and projects, along with the extent of conforming to the excellence standards within the authority so as to consolidate the foundation of the institutional work and to promote the performance to help the authority achieve the goals it was originally created for, and actively contribute to realizing the UAE Vision 2021.

The board was also briefed on the reports pertaining to the performance indicators of the call center and the improvement plan the center implements with the aim of raising the customer satisfaction rate, as well as discussing the operational plans of the authority’s departments and organizational units for 2016.

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