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EIDA focuses on data accuracy & quality; devotes continuous attention to customer satisfaction

Scoring 88.3% in customer service according to highest excellence standards

New strategic plan mainly derived from UAE Vision 2021

A national charter of happiness and positivity and customer and staff satisfaction teams

Support for public and private efforts to employ ID card features

Over 600 public and private entities employ ID e-reader in operations

In 2016, the Emirates ID Authority attaches a great priority to the quality and accuracy of data stored in the Population Register, especially the biometric data including fingerprints and personal photos. The Emirates ID Authority uses this data in the decision making process and preservation of the national security.

The accuracy and quality of data have drawn the attention of the Emirates ID Authority as the key factor and main base for all its projects, services and initiatives through which the Authority can effectively contribute to the UAE journey to prosperity and comprehensive development. The projects include transformation to e-government where the Emirates ID Authority offered the state of art systems and latest micro gadgets to capture the fingerprints.

The Emirates ID Authority continued to consolidate its position as a leading provider of excellent customer services that beat the customer expectations and bring the highest level of happiness and satisfaction to them. This is consistent with the aspirations and directions of the visionary leadership, which tends to develop the services offered to citizens and residents of the UAE and achieve the UAE government vision in this regard under the slogan of “People’s satisfaction is attainable”. This would keep the UAE in focus for the competitive advanced governmental services it provides.

During this year, the Emirates ID Authority has made concentrated efforts to ensure sustainable excellence, become a leader in business and have more effective role in the state competitiveness through e-ID project. This project has a key role in securing a place for the UAE among the countries that have the most advanced ID verification services whether through traditional methods or via the cyber space depending on Validation Gateway. This would mainly support the UAE attempt to consolidate the safe digital economy and help boost the reliable commercial exchange through the internet and electronic transactions.

In 2016, the Emirates ID Authority launched several initiatives and projects that expand the scope of the ID card use in different sectors to be the main reference to establish and verify the personal identity. The initiatives and projects were aimed at developing the ID card specifications and boosting its technological features in order to make the ID card the only tool used by the public and private sectors to provide service and facilitate life of citizens and residents, providing them with an easy and fast access to services.

In the same context, the Emirates ID Authority drummed up support for the efforts exerted by public and private entities to employ and integrate the ID card features into its electronic and smart services. This helped increase the number of entities that benefit from this ID card.


New five-year strategy (2017-2021)

Last May, the Board of Directors of the Emirates ID Authority approved its new strategic plan 2017-2021 and its vision and mission that focus on development of the smart ID card and enhancement of its features and potentials. This step aims to make the ID card the main enabler for all services provided in public and private sectors, especially electronic and smart services.

In its new strategy, the Emirates ID Authority focused on customer satisfaction, learning from outcomes of the previous strategy. The new strategy derived its parameters and main elements from the UAE Vision 2021 that aims to enable the UAE to be one of the best countries by its golden jubilee.

In preparation for its 4th strategic round, the Emirates ID Authority deduced all inputs of the new strategy from its main business focus, concentrating on involving all the leaders and staff members in strategy development through brainstorming sessions. During these sessions, the Authority’s leaders and staff members offered their proposals and ideas for discussion and development into applicable models. A great importance has been attached to the customer service in order to comply with quality, efficiency and effectiveness criteria and develop measurements for service assessment.


New smart achievements


The Emirates ID Authority continued to develop smart services offered to its customers, inventing more features and services in order to increase the demand on services and meet the requirements for such smart services. The Emirates ID Authority took long strides in activating its services on mobile phones and smart devices. The Emirates ID Authority unveiled two smart achievements displayed at its stand in the 34th session of GITEX Technology Week 2016: the innovative ID card reader software and NFC based data reading application for mobiles and tablets.


The innovative ID card reader software includes an integrated package of applications that deal with the ID card in several programming languages that are compliant with different types of e-ID card readers. This would enable public and private entities to handle the ID card and read the chip contents. The application may enable all service providers to handle the ID card via smart devices using all platforms (Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows). Thus, all authorities can use the Validation Gateway services to support their ability to provide electronic and smart services via different smart phones using the ID card according to the highest security and credibility standards in dealing with and identifying the individuals via cyber space.


The near field communication ID reader enables mobile phones or tablets to read the smart chip embedded in the ID card. This gives the entities and authorities of different business areas an advanced, easy-to-use tool to read and upload the data stored in the ID card chip on the systems and platforms they use within few seconds. This spares those entities the time and effort to enter such data in their systems and complete transactions. This will also end errors in traditional data entry for good.


88.3% customer service according to excellence standards

The Emirates ID Authority scored 88.3% this year in customer services according to higher excellence standardsmoving two points up compared to 86.4% in 2015 according to the report issued by the International Customer Service Institute of the British Standards Institution.

According to the report, the ICSI felt that the Emirates ID Authority leaders and staff members are very keen to provide services in the best possible ways to make things easier and enable the customer to get the service they need with the least effort and time. They are also keen to develop and improve the service provision channels and apply special standards in this regard including The International Standard for Service Excellence (TISSE) in addition to local standards such as Emirates Government Services Excellence Program and Global Star Rating Program for Service (7 Star).


EIDA is a Key to e-transformation


As a part of its support for the UAE plan for transformation to e-Government, the Emirates ID Authority was keen to be a main supporter for the wise leadership vision in this regard. The Authority is an enabler and a key advocate for this leading project. It harnesses the advanced ID management system developed to enable e-government projects that would help provide governmental services on mobile phones and devices, giving the customers an easier access in any given time or place.

In 2016, the ID card has been increasingly used in everyday life whether in services or goods. In addition, new services were added to the ID card as Etisalat has launched a device to provide a package of services using the ID card including data update and SIM card purchase. ADNOC Distribution Co. also launched its smart service for self-serve fuel filling and payment using ID card. In cooperation with Al Hilal Bank and Mashreq Bank, the Emirates ID Authority has managed to introduce the use of ID card in all banking transactions for the first time in the world through ATMs and banking systems. The General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs in Dubai has launched e-gates service using ID card to enable passengers at Dubai International Airport to finish their check-in and check-out transactions within minutes. Dubai Courts approved the card use to register lawsuits and transactions online to save 75% of processing time.


Daman National Health Insurance Company started to replace the health insurance card with the ID card for those who have been registered in health insurance system. Dubai Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance Company (Aman) announced early this year integration of the insurance card into the ID card while Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) has started to use the ID card to register the patients since October. Dubai Health Authority launched a self-registration system in Saada health insurance program using self-service gadgets at several hospitals and health centers. In the same context, Ras Al Khaimah courts announced the first online marriage contract using the ID card to register the spouses’ data directly. Sharjah Municipality launched a service that allows individuals to pay traffic violations using the ID card as the cardholder can use the ID card to add credit to pay the penalties.


More than 600 entities use e-reader

The Emirates ID Authority offered all the features that help public and private entities benefit from the smart ID applications. Since 2012, the Authority has handed out hundreds of thousands of ID e-readers. This has facilitated service provision according to the highest levels of quality, efficiency and effectiveness, saving time, effort and cost for the entities on the one hand and their customers on the other.

Now, more than 600 public and private entities use the e-reader, in finalizing its transactions, which provides a package of services including reading and uploading the data stored in the ID card chip on the systems and platforms they use within few seconds. The Emirates ID Authority enabled those entities to get the card and fingerprint reader application set-up and regular updates for free via the Authority’s website. The Emirates ID Authority fully supports the application and in case of any technical problem while operating the e-reader the Authority provides a special team to tackle such problems directly.

National medical records

The Emirates ID Authority provided the full support for the national medical records project to create medical records for all visitors of public and private hospitals using ID card as a main reference for medical reports. This would help link the service providers’ systems using the same number as a reference to access the patient record.

The ID card number will eliminate the need for issuing a medical identification card to identify the patient and obtain all the information related to his/ her health using the ID number or the smart ID card.

The use of ID card to identify individuals will help the competent authorities to obtain the individuals’ data using the ID card e-reader as the embedded smart chip carry all the personal data including the written data: Name, age, date and place of birth and address as well as biometric data including the personal photo and fingerprints. This helps save time and effort in registration and improves accuracy of the data by avoiding the errors of manual data entry and extracting the patient’s data from one reliable source.

Two Teams for customer and staff satisfaction

In line with the pioneering governmental initiative of a National Charter of Happiness and Positivity and the pursuit of customer satisfaction and excellent service, the Emirates ID Authority created a customer satisfaction team. The team is mainly concerned with the continuous development and improvement of the services of the Emirates ID Authority to ensure the added value and optimal implementation of all initiatives and projects to be launched for this purpose. The team should also follow performance of service channels and customer-related standards and indicators. This will also apply to the services offered by the Emirates ID Authority partners to its customers. The customer satisfaction team will follow up the results of customer and mystery shopper satisfaction surveys and the improvement actions taken in this regard. The team will also follow up qualification of the Authority’s service center for seven star rating and provision of the required support and resources for this program.

The Emirates ID Authority created a team for staff satisfaction in order to spread positive energy among the staff members, create motivating environment that supports excellence and occupational innovation, and build an interactive relationship with the human resources to help deliver effective corporate performance and achieve the highest level of staff satisfaction. The team undertakes to create the happiness and positivity culture and ensure its significance as a lifestyle for staff members.

New standards for approving printing offices

Seeking to improve services offered to its customers by strategic partners, the Emirates ID Authority set new conditions by the midyear for approving and authorizing the printing offices to provide e-form printing services. According to surveys, 90% of the errors found in the customer data entered into the ID system are made by the printing officers. These errors lead to re-printing the ID card and consequently delay of its issuance.

According to the new conditions, the office should be licensed by the relevant official authorities, should be at least 150 sq. m. and should have at least 4 service units for men and one for women. The office working hours should correspond to the working hours of the Emirates ID Authority from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays to Thursdays. The office should apply the e-queue service and provide cameras to monitor performance of its staff. This has reduced the number of accredited offices to 400 out of 1100 across the UAE.


Continuous compliance with social responsibility

This year, the Emirates ID Authority accentuated its role as a socially responsible institution through effective participation in the national events and several humanitarian, cultural, environmental and health initiatives. The Authority celebrated the Flag Day with customers and all staff members, flying the flag over the headquarters and all customer service centers.

The Emirates ID Authority continued to support Breakfast project held by the Emirati Red Crescent across the UAE during the holy month of Ramadan for the seventh year straight. The Authority supported 3 Ramadan tents that served more than 15000 fasting people during the holy month.

The Emirates ID Authority held at its headquarters and customer service centers across the UAE several cultural activities and initiatives that aim to encourage employees and customers to read and confirm significance and role of reading in the individual life and society development. Such activities and initiatives were launched in response to the initiative of HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, to make the 2016 the year of reading.

To solidify the culture of humanitarian and voluntary work and deepen the spirit of social responsibility among its staff, the Emirates ID Authority held a blood donation campaign in cooperation with the Blood Bank of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA). The campaign was joined by several officials and dozens of employees from different departments. In addition, the Emirates ID Authority has been keen to participate in local and international events including recognition of female staff members in the International Women’s Day, the Mother’s Day and the Emirati Women’s Day. The Authority switches off the lights in all buildings at Earth Hour and visits elderly homecare centers in the International Day for Old Persons in addition to other social initiatives that serve the society in different areas.

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