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Dubai Courts completes 30,847 ID card-based transactions

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AL BAYAN: As soon as the decision that made it compulsory for a national ID card to be presented for registering customer’s personal data took effect, Dubai Courts completed 30,847 transactions in the Notary Public Department, Personal Data Department and Central Services Section, according to the latest statistics released by the Information Technology Department. No sooner the decision took effect in 2008 than Dubai Courts sought to ensure that all the installations related to electronic systems and infrastructures were in place, follow up the implementation of the decision through the ID data electronic readers and detect all the changes made in the system in co-ordination with the concerned departments.

Talking about this achievement, Abdul Rahim Al Madrab, Director of the Information Technology Department, praised the substantial co-operation that the people concerned at Dubai Courts received from the Emirates Identity Authority as well as the continuous communication between both parties to discuss the best ways to make a success of this initiative. He reiterated that Dubai Courts was the first government institution across the UAE to activate the use of the national identity in its transactions, noting that the decision issued by Dubai Courts Director General was aimed at supporting the switch to the ID card system, particularly among nationals, and contributed to stressing the importance for the members of the society to take out ID cards.

The activation was applicable to the UAE national ID holders as per the time plan set by the Emirates Identity Authority though Dubai Courts dealt with some special cases in order to ensure the provision of the best services to customers, he added, noting that the UAE nationals who obtained Dubai Courts’ services through the ID card accounted for 84.6 per cent of the total applicants.

Speaking about the positive aspects of dealing with the national ID card for registering transactions, Al Madrab said this procedure contributes to saving time to a large extent, considering that registration of data in the traditional system used sometimes to take more than 15 minutes but with the use of electronic readers and the ID card, the employee who receives applications now needs no more than 10 seconds to get the customer’s data and input them into the system. Al Madrab added: “Re-accessing these data easily helped us form a huge database, not to mention the substantial amount of information that could be obtained through adopting this system.”

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