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Dr. Ghafli: “Souls of our Martyrs Will Continue to Illuminate the Paths towards the Heights”

H.E. Dr. Saeed Abdullah bin Mutlaq Al Ghafli, ICA’s Director General, expressed his pride for the UAE martyrs who have laid out the finest heroic, redemption and sincerity values and carried their lives on their shoulders to defend and protect their homeland, thus they are deemed as a good example for giving without limits.

He also said that the martyrs are deemed as the symbol of nobility, selflessness, loyalty and belonging. They have engraved with their pure blood the meanings of masculinity, honor and taught the generations the values of pride and redemption. They have also reflected a noble image for the protectors of homeland, their nobility, bravery and majesty. They presented a good example for the future generations in terms of sacrifice, dedication, devotion, bravery, protection of homeland and doctrine, obedience to leadership; in addition to complying with its approach in terms of solidarity and stand together in the face of everyone who tries to threaten the security of this dear homeland.

Dr. Ghafli added in a declaration made on the occasion of country’s celebrations of Martyrs’ Day that the souls of brave martyrs will continue to illuminate the paths towards the heights, embody the history of homeland and prove the evidences that UAE will not be humiliated, will not be weak and will continue all the time to be strong and capable. UAE will continue to present all values of building, giving, prosperity, love of giving to all humans. It will also continue to learn all hateful and hostile enemies that its borders are well-forfeited and it is able to amputate every hand trying to extend to it badly.

Dr. Ghafli stressed that commemorating the sacrifices of martyrs and remembering their virtue and noble deeds is a duty of every citizen and resident because they crowned the heads of all those who live on the UAE land with pride and pottery. They have also established a glorious history for the homeland and have provided the generations with an approach inspired by the meanings of pride, dignity, devotion and giving. He also asked God to accept the UAE martyrs, bring them the highest grades in paradises and make them stable at the top grades of paradise with the prophets, steadfast affirmers of truth and righteous.

He pointed out that fulfilling the martyrs’ rights requires all of us to be careful to carry the message that they sacrificed, honor the values that gave their lives to defend them and to be UAE’s loyal soldiers, giving the precious things for its pride and prosperity and that we should also be keen to uphold the structure, give our best things to it and promise our leaders to be always at the service of our homeland with our brothers in the UAE Armed Forces, so that the UAE’s land, sea and air remain dear and pure and its flag remains also high.

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