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Dr. Al Ghafli The Salutation of the UAE Martyrs Is a Duty of Every National & Resident

HE Dr. Saeed Abdullah bin Mutlaq Al Ghafli, the Director General of Emirates Identity Authority, stressed that saluting and honoring the UAE martyrs is a duty of everyone living on this good land; as they presented the most precious thing they had in defense of the homeland and sacrificed their virtuous souls so that every citizen and resident would have the grace of security and tranquility. They represented the highest sense of honor, heroism and altruism ever known by the humanity.

Dr. Al Ghafli said that the good leadership of the state, presided by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan “may Allah protect him”, gave the best examples in loyalty to the martyrs and appreciation of their sacrifice and impressed the whole world. It gave all of us the opportunity for participating in honoring this precious group of the nation’s sons who wrote with their virtuous bloods the greatest saga of heroism, sacrifice and devotion. They gave their souls to defend and protect their homeland, support the oppressed and rescue their brothers. They generously scarified their precious souls and nobly gave everything they had. He added that the martyrs raised aloft the state’s flag, crowned everyone living on its land with glory and pride, and wrote by their heroism a glorious history of the UAE. So, they deserved to be the most generous and noblest. He prayed Allah, glorified and exalted be He, to grant them the rank of the martyrs and make them settle in the highest place of the paradise with the prophets, the truthful and the righteous.

Dr. Al Ghafli said that the Authority was proud that the UAE specified for the martyrs the day of 30th November of each year so that the memory of those brave men would remain immortal in minds and hearts and the fragrance of their sacrifices would become for the generations a spring from which they would draw the meanings of glory, haughtiness and dignity, a source for strengthening the aspirations and disseminating the sense of devotion and loyalty in the hearts of the sons of the homeland, and a station to ensure that the nation is the most precious thing.

He said that the martyrs of the nation wrote with their blood a book of honor, glory and redemption. They reflected an honorable image of the chivalry and nobility of the nation’s heroes, giving a great example of the nation’s love, belonging and protection. They adopted the approach of their good leadership to solidarity and unity with the brothers to face everyone thinking of threatening the security of any organ of the whole body of the Arabian Gulf.

Dr. Al Ghafli emphasized that all of the UAE sons were at the beck and call of the nation and its good leadership and were ready to give everything as soldiers with their brothers in the valiant armed forces so that the UAE land, water and sky would remain powerful and virtuous and its flag would be always fluttering high.

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