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Dr. Al Ghafli Confirms that the Emirates ID Authority is Keen to Provide an Innovation Motivating Work Environment to its employees

During an Inspection Tour of Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain Centers

We have made a significant progress in the development of conventional and smart services and improvement of data quality

H.E. Dr. Saeed Abdullah Bin Mutlaq Al Ghafli, Director General of the Emirates ID Authority confirmed that the Authority is keen to provide an innovation motivating work environment to its employees in all positions, in particular the customer service centers staff who represent the entity and form the pillar on which it relies to provide the best services to its customers.

Dr. Al Ghafli said that the employee satisfaction and happiness are reflected positively on his belonging to his organization, love for his work, ability to give with devotion and sincerity and his focus on achieving a performance that affects his environment in its turn and on promoting the reputation of the organization at all levels.

This came during an inspection tour of Dr. Al Ghafli which included Ajman, Rask Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain customer service centers where he met the employees and listened to their comments, needs and proposals, was briefed on the progress of work and followed up the steps of service provision to customers. During this inspection tour, Al Ghafli was also briefed about the customers’ feedbacks and opinions about the level and quality of services provided by the Authority in terms of smoothness and ease of procedures and time required to obtain the service.

Dr. Al Ghafli extended the greetings of the Authority’s Board of Directors to the employees, stressing that such meetings come in line with the instructions of the Board of Directors on paying the utmost importance to the human element as the core capital and real wealth and on investing in the same through the training and rehabilitation on one hand, and provision of the best work environment that enables creativity and encourages employees to improve their performance continuously on the other hand.

Al Ghafli said that the Emirates ID Authority, thanks to its distinctive leadership and employees who are keen to work as a team, was able to achieve great progress in various aspects of its work, both at the level of service level and customer satisfaction. This progress is clearly reflected in rating three of the Authority’s centers with 5 stars and five of its centers with 4 stars, as well as in enabling smart e-services and providing the infrastructure, which most of the state’s institutions rely on in providing their services through cyberspace. This progress is also reflected in the data quality and update, as the Authority has achieved high rates in the fingerprint quality, and provided accurate demographic data to decision makers, which has contributed to achieving the best desired results in many occasions.

Dr. Al Ghafli added that Authority’s administration permanently seeks to communicate with the staff and take advantage of their experience and ideas in order to develop its excellent experience that has become the focus of attention of many institutions inside and outside the state, especially regarding the development of customer service centers and provision of requirements that enable employees to perform their duties efficiently and professionally and bring happiness to the customers by providing the service they need in the shortest time and least possible number of steps. For this purpose, the Emirates ID Authority gives great importance to the human side of the relationship with its customers, thus is keen to deal with customers as guests and to draw a smile on their faces.
Dr. Al Ghafli called on the centers managers and supervisors to work openly with the staff and to take advantage of their visions and ideas to develop the work mechanisms and improve the services provided to customers. Al Ghafli stressed on the Authority’s support for all initiatives that can contribute to the development of its cadres levels, including the professional, academic and living development projects.

Al Ghafli also called on all staff in all positions to present their ideas and suggestions, which they deem contributing to the development process of the Authority and to the promotion of its quest toward greater excellence, pointing out that the Authority will start soon its new strategy 2017-2021, which includes ambitious goals and objectives that are only achieved by team work and openness to the latest methods in various fields in order to harness the same to serve the purposes of the Authority, improve performance and achieve excellence.

Dr. Al Ghafli was accompanied in this tour by Eng. Nasser Al Mazroui, Executive Director of the Service Centers Operations Sector, Ismael Fadlallah, Director of Service Centers Department, Rashid Al Nuaimi, Director of Dubai and the Northern Emirates Centers, Mubarak Al Amri, Director of the Director General’s Office, Abdul Aziz Al Maamari, Director of Government and Community Liaison Office, Omar Al Maamari, Head of Services Department, and Zakaria Al Alawi, Head of the Technical Support Department, in addition to a number of heads of departments and officials of the Authority.

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