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Customer is theme of development in Emirates Identity Authority and field follow-up of plans is secret behind success

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As part of a marvelous initiative to add an atmosphere of excellence to the nature of official administrative work, the Higher Management Committee at the Emirates Identity Authority organized an extraordinary meeting in the Abu Dhabi Marina at the expense of the committee members. The meeting aimed at boosting humanitarian relations among the working team members and allowing a chance for creative ideas to be discussed outside the official meeting halls in an endeavor to come out with the best results and decisions.


A Creative Idea

At the beginning of the meeting, H.E. Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Emirates ID Director General, welcomed this creative idea for holding the Higher Management Committee’s meeting in an open space as a new and up-to-date practice of the concepts of modern administrative work.

Al Khouri valued the Higher Management Committee members’ initiative to organize this meeting at their personal expense, which demonstrates the deep relation among them and reflects their keenness on and interest in carrying on developing and improving performance through actual application of new ideas that lead to the progress of work.

Follow-up Factor

Al Khouri explained that a common factor between the leadership and management is the follow-up factor, calling on executive directors and managers to carry on playing their roles, follow up the progress of work in their departments and boost the channels of communication with the employees working in the organizational units affiliated to them in an endeavor to achieve the desired results.

Stressing the importance of the follow-up factor for achieving the desired results, Al Khouri pointed out that the field follow-up of plans is the secret behind success and is a collective responsibility that should be shouldered by all the leading staff at the Emirates Identity Authority including managers, directors of centers, supervisors and heads of sections.

Administrative Concepts

Highlighting a number of administrative concepts, Al Khouri said: “We should be keen on carrying out field work and ensuring a continuous process of constant development. This can be achieved only by getting out of the box of our ideas and observations that our minds used to deal with and holding a firm belief that there is nothing we cannot access and that development should not stop at a certain stage but should continue in order to keep pace with the customers’ aspirations by utilizing the advanced technologies and facilitating the services that the Emirates Identity Authority provides to customers.”

Enhancing Loyalty

Al Khouri said the most important priorities raised for discussion by the Emirates Identity Authority’s officials should focus on preparing the environment convenient for developing the performance of employees, enhancing their corporate loyalty and encouraging the distinguished ones while seeking a spirit of competition in an environment that respects creativity and encourages innovation. It is also necessary to conduct a field follow-up in the different worksites and supervise the implementation of the set plans, he added.

Customer Satisfaction

Al Khouri explained that customer satisfaction is the inevitable result and the major objective that the Emirates Identity Authority seeks to achieve. This objective is changeable and varies as per the needs of customers and the advanced technologies. However, this result will be achieved only through doubling the combined efforts of all the Emirates Identity Authority’s employees, irrespective of their job descriptions.

Bonus Payments

Al Khouri stressed the necessity to pay bonuses to the eligible employees as soon as possible, noting that the Emirates Identity Authority’s initiatives to establish bonus programs for employees in appreciation of their contribution and excellence should be made on a regular basis.

Project Commendation

Al Khouri praised the construction projects that are being carried out by the Emirates Identity Authority as well as the project for redesigning the interior of the permanent registration centers. These projects, he said, would play a major and outstanding role in providing such working conditions that would give rise to more transparency and help the Registration Centers Department track its employees in a better way. This will ultimately have a great effect on increasing the productivity of registration centers, he added.

Discussion of Topics

Meanwhile, the meeting of the Higher Management Committee discussed the agenda topics, these being:

  • Discussion of strategy and major performance indicators.
  • Performance of registration centers.
  • The results of applying ID card renewal system and online appointment system in typing offices.
  • Interior redesigning project for registration centers.
  • Trial operation of Al Wahda Registration Center in Abu Dhabi.
  • Construction projects: Khalifa A Center Tender.
  • Construction projects: Receiving Sharjah Registration Center


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