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Brigadier Al-Rashidi: We begin the establishment the executive regulations for the Decree of… Tuesday 18 September 2018

HE Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, Acting Director General of Foreigners Affairs and Ports in Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, confirmed that ICA will utilize all its resources and recruit its cadres to implement the Decree of the Cabinet to grant special privileges to persons over 55 years, which allows long-term residency in the state, to be in accordance with the highest standards of efficiency, accuracy and professionalism. ICA will ensure the provision of the highest services to the beneficiaries to achieve satisfaction and happiness.

He said that the Decree came as a new episode added to the series of Decrees adopted by the Cabinet since the beginning of the current year in order to make the residents and visitors of UAE happy for various reasons and to enhance its competitiveness and attractiveness in the economic and social fields at the global level and improve its reputation as a home for happiness and achievement of ambitions and hopes. He confirmed that the new Decree supports UAE openness to the world and increases its attractiveness to investment and makes it the first destination for all who wish to live in prosperity, security and tranquility, and all aspire to develop their savings and invest them.

He added that the Decree is a generous humanitarian gesture from the wise leadership of the state towards the residents and foreigners who have reached retirement age or are about to reach the age of retirement, by allowing them to continue their lives on its land with dignity, so that they do not have to start a new life elsewhere. This is a good initiative from it through which it appreciated their contribution and its keenness to continue their contribution to its civilization.

Brigadier Al Rashidi thanked the wise leadership of the State, who spares no effort to make everyone who lives on this land happy. The wise leadership works day and night to provide the highest standards of living and facilitate their access to all services at levels that meet their aspirations and exceed their expectations.

Al Rashidi pointed out that the Decree includes foreigners who have reached the age of 55 years or above, whether their residency visas are on the government or private sector, and provides them with the option of long-term residency and the environment appropriate to invest their savings and their gains through a stable and high-quality financial and health system. He pointed out that ICA started to develop the policies and procedures necessary to implement its Decree according to the conditions and standards included in the Decree, which are aimed primarily at ensuring a dignified life for them and protect them from poverty and need, and that ICA will announce the details of those standards and conditions as soon as they are adopted and approved by the competent authorities.

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