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Brigadier Al Rashidi: Sheikh Zayed’s humanitarian exploits are engraved in the hearts and souls of UAE citizens and residents

H. E. Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, ICA’s Acting Director of the General Directorate of Foreigners Affairs and Ports, commended the State’s enlightened leadership, headed by H. E. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for immortalizing the humanitarian exploits of Sheikh Zayed and for instilling his charitable attitude in the hearts and minds of UAE citizens. Hence, the State remains a stream of generosity that quenches the thirst of Mankind.

He further added that despite the burdens of politics and governing, Sheikh Zayed has prioritized and thoroughly looked into humanitarian issues that charitable and humanitarian work became a pillar of his creed and principles. He epitomized generosity, philanthropy, and magnanimity not only in the Arab world, but also worldwide thanks to the actions he took to alleviate the suffering of many peoples across the globe for which they are still feeling grateful to him. He is still loved and respected, and his generous acts, which transcended all racial, sectarian, or religious differences, can never be forgotten or ignored.

Celebrating Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, he added that the achievements and charitable works of this bright leader bear witness to his generosity, charity, and benevolence towards the deprived and the poor. Rare are the places on Earth that were not touched by Zayed’s generous hands. Scarce are the people whose hunger, sickness, and ignorance were not alleviated by his deeds and whose path towards knowledge were not lit by his lantern. His fragrant memory shall forever remain in the heart of every UAE citizen and resident and the heart of everyone touched by his benevolence. All will always express their gratitude for his deeds.

H.E. Brigadier Al Rashidi prays to God to bless Sheikh Zayed’s soul, welcome him in heaven, and to reward him for all his beneficence.

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