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Al Shamsi: Zayed’s Feats Transcend Time and Space, Marking a Milestone in the Legacy of Human Magnanimity

HE Ali Mohammed Bin Hammad Al Shamsi, ICA’s Chairman of Board of Directors, said that the feats of the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, transcend time and space, marking a milestone in the legacy of human magnanimity. He is the eternal epitome of charity and generosity for human beings regardless of their tongues, colors, and races.

In a statement on Zayed Humanitarian Work Day, which is celebrated in UAE on 19 Ramadan of every year, he said that Sheikh Zayed, may God bless his soul, has immortalized his name with the ink of generosity, magnanimity, charity, and hubris. He has become a symbol and a role model when it comes to the love of humanity and relentless work to elevate and bring joy to people. He is the lantern that guides the architects of Man’s path to progress and those who work to realize God’s divine plan.

He added that celebrating Zayed Humanitarian Work Day doesn’t only honor the fragrant memory of the late Sheikh Zayed, but also highlights his approach, path, and values, which are built upon generosity and benevolence. Zayed’s main goals have been to provide a decent living for man, harness resources and potential to his benefit, and spare no effort, time, or money in protecting him from poverty and neediness. The celebration is an annual reminder of UAE’s oath to become a stream of benevolence that quenches the thirst of the poor, the needy, and the distressed around the globe. He added that those who follow in the footsteps of this marvelous leader shall be supportive of their brothers in humanity; they are the helpers in times of trouble and givers in the times of need.

H. E. recalled the sublime feats of Sheikh Zayed that indicate his refined humanitarian sense and a pure soul marked by chivalry and noble morals, such as; good manners, proactivity in charity, gallantry, and desire to help the troubled and rescue the needy. These qualities are what the people of UAE have inherited from him. This State is now a model of unlimited generosity from which all states and peoples learn the true meaning of compassion and humanity.

HE Ali Mohammed Bin Hammad Al Shamsi pointed out the elevated status of UAE thanks to the work that started with Zayed the Benevolent and continued through the UAE’s enlightened leadership. The state currently tops other countries in providing grants and aids to peoples worldwide. It always answers any cry for help, especially from our brethren and allies, without discrimination based on color, religion, or race. He prays to Allah to bless Sheikh Zayed’s soul and welcome him in heaven. He also prays to Allah to support UAE President, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and guide him toward rightfulness, and toward the path of goodness and benevolence.

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