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Al Shamsi: We are proud of UAE achievements and its interest in making people happy

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Highlighted that happiness is not just a catchword but accumulated achievements
HE Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi, Chairman of ICA’s Board of Directors, expressed his pride and all ICA’s employees pride in the achievements of UAE, by making nationals and residents happy, and providing them with the best standards of living. This is attributed to the unique approach of UAE wise leadership, which identifies the man as the top priority of the government sector and the main focus of all initiatives, projects, and plans.

In a statement he made in the International Day of Happiness, Al Shamsi said that celebrating this occasion in UAE is unique and different, as its peoples’ experiences happiness in their daily life. They enjoy one of the highest prosperity and wellbeing levels in the world, make ongoing achievements that impress and attract others, and look forward to more with limitless ambitions. In this determination, they are guided by dedicated and relentless leadership, which exerts every effort to provide an impressive present and a bright future, and by a government that does anything to be always in the first place.

He further added, “It is not surprising that UAE’s name is sparkled in the first ranks in the global records and indicators”. In 2018, UAE ranked 11th worldwide and ranked first among the Arab countries for four consecutive years, according to the Happiness Indicator. Besides, it was the first country to establish a ministry for happiness, which is mainly tasked with organizing initiatives that increase happiness levels in society and make it a sustainable lifestyle. It is also keen on establishing the principles of coexistence by spreading the values of love, tolerance, and peace”.

He also emphasized that happiness is not just a catchword to carry or a day to celebrate, but achievements accumulated day after day in all areas of life, such as economy, health, education, security, stability, infrastructure, and so on. This aims at scaling up the standard of living and making peoples’ wishes and desires easily doable and achievable. He urged the Emiratis to adhere to the leadership approach, and contribute to achieving its vision, thus making UAE one of the happiest five countries in the world by 2021. Then, it will truly be the Happy UAE.

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