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Al Shamsi: UAE will remain the homeland of tolerance, affection and coexistence

HE Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi, ICA’s Chairman, emphasized that UAE will continue to be, over time, the homeland of tolerance and coexistence. The UAE welcomes, in its benevolent land, whoever aspires to enjoy a decent human life, a life without discrimination based on race, gender, or belief. UAE’s message will always be one of love and unity for everyone no matter their differences. It is something consistent with our foundational principles and values, including, first: charity, peace, and providing a decent life for all nations and peoples.

In a statement made on the International Day for Tolerance, Al Shamsi said that tolerance, acceptance of others, and respect is a major pillar in development and prosperity. It enhances cooperation between people for their own benefit, helps them overcome their differences and narrow views, and enables them to unite their efforts and move to new horizons, horizons where they cooperate for a better quality of life as partners on one planet.

He added that UAE, ever since it was founded by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, has adopted a wise, moderate, and balanced policy. Its approach has been to interact and cooperate with all countries and peoples in order to spread peace and love as the fundamental needs of humanity. If these needs are not fulfilled, life would be unbearable, Earth would not be improved properly, and God’s divine plan would be hampered. Therefore, UAE has always been as charitable as possible, so much so that it is considered the pinnacle of respecting human dignity, working for the ultimate good, and living in harmony. It is a nation of unity, not division, and a nation of tolerance, not radical ideas that fuel extremism. UAE is always exerting every effort to help different civilizations interact and cooperate for their mutual security, prosperity, and stability.

Al Shamsi also stated that all citizens and residents in this utopia of happiness and charity are proud of our God-given leadership. The State’s leaders are keen on instilling the virtue of tolerance in the hearts of all the Emiratis. As a result, they have become unparalleled in their kindness, humility, grace, and tolerance. This was clearly reflected in their lives, as they have become one of the happiest peoples on Earth, and the envy of anyone seeking a decent life and good company.

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