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Al Shamsi: “Protect Yourself By Changing Your Status” is unprecedented in terms of opportunities and facilities

visited the reception and service center for violators in Shahama

UAE is an example of the rule and application of law firmly without ruthlessness and tolerantly without softness

We invite every citizen and resident to support ICA in achieving the initiative’s objective (Emirates without Violators)

HE Ali Mohammed Al Shamsi, Chairman of Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, affirmed that the UAE will remain, with the grace of Allah and the vision and approach of its wise leadership, an oasis of security and tranquility, a haven for happiness and dignified life and a universal example of tolerance, humanity respect and dignity protection of human regardless of their affiliation, color and belief, based on the noble values on which it was founded and the supreme convictions that were rooted in the conscience of its people, both at the level of leadership or people.

He said that this benevolent and generous homeland has always embodied, in its successive initiatives towards humans, whether living on its land or outside, the supreme meaning of nobility and overcoming the errors and mistakes in enforcement to the holy words of Allah the Almighty in his holy Quran, “Those who spend (in the cause of Allâh) in prosperity and adversity and those who suppress anger and pardon (the offenses of) the people. And Allâh loves such doers of good to others”. Therefore, it forgave, being kind and opened its generous hand to enable the wrongdoers and violators to remedy their mistakes and stop violating its laws and abide by it to become a good person in its community, which is best example of coexistence and harmony.

This came during his visit to Shahama Center for the reception of violators, which was established by ICA AL Shahama in the framework of the initiative “Protect Yourself by Changing Your Status” launched by ICA to give the opportunity to persons who illegally reside in the state to settle their status or leave voluntarily without bearing the burden of any legal consequences with the exemption from accumulated fines.

His Excellency ICA’s Chairman of Board of Directors expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the wise leadership of UAE for its efforts and capabilities it provides to retain UAE as always the country of happiness, promising opportunities and the aspiration of those who aspire to live in responsible freedom and protected dignity and an example of the rule and application of law firmly without ruthlessness and tolerantly without softness.

During the visit, he was reviewed the fittings of the Center and the mechanisms used to organize the process of receiving the visitors and completing their transactions with ease and in accordance with the best international standards. He also followed some procedures to change the status of some violators as well as procedures for granting exit permits for those wishing to return home.

Al Shamsi directed the center’s officials and all the centers concerned with the initiative all over the state to ensure that all the advantages and opportunities of the initiative are clear for the visitors, to contribute to encouraging all those who hesitate to go to the centers to take advantage of them quickly to seize this opportunity and visit one of ICA’s centers and see what it contains the unprecedented facilities, both in terms of complete exemption from all financial fines accrued on the violators as a result of their illegal residency in the State as well as other legal sanctions that included imprisonment, deportation, ban from the return to State and enable those who meet the conditions required to change their status against simple fees and enable those who wish to leave to their countries to travel without ban seal and return again to the state as soon as they get a new visa.

He listened to an explanation, during the visit, presented by HE Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al-Rashidi, Acting Director-General of Foreigners Affairs and Ports in Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, about the Virtual Labor Market system which was launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, which allows job seekers, employers, and employment agencies to interact with each other and conclude employment contracts and recruitment under the supervision of the Ministry, which ICA gives to all who register in it a residency visa without a sponsor for six months during which he can search for a new job. He expressed his great appreciation to the owners of this idea and who implements it. The initiative constitutes an innovative solution for anyone who wants to stay in the country and look for a new opportunity to live in it.

He urged the beneficiary groups to seek to take advantage of the initiative as soon as possible before the deadline set for it on the 31st of October to get rid of fines that may often reach the amounts beyond the capacity of the violator and to be able to benefit from all services and privileges granted by the State to its citizens and residents on its land, warning that missing such opportunity will make the violator the main target for the inspection and follow-up campaigns, which will be launched by ICA immediately after the end of the grace period.

He invited every citizen and resident to support ICA in its efforts to achieve the main objective of the initiative “UAE without Violators”, by contributing to explaining its objectives, introducing them, and persuading any violator to change his status, report him immediately and not to cover him. The matter which will effectively contribute to the enhancement of community security and the elimination of this phenomenon and its negative repercussions.

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