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A dialogue-based session in Al Taawun Registration Center praises performance and is optimistic about more achievements

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H.E. Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Emirates ID Director General, has instructed all directors, supervisors and employees of registration centers across the UAE to carry on playing their role and discharge the tasks assigned to them for serving all the sections of customers and applicants and easing their registration for ID cards and Population Register.

Customer Satisfaction

During his field visit to the Al Taawun Registration Center in Sharjah, Al Khouri emphasized that the Emirates Identity Authority’s new strategy 2010-2013 put “customer satisfaction” on top of its priorities, this being a strategic objective that should double the responsibility shouldered by the Emirates Identity Authority’s family members in general and the family members of registration centers in particular, and prompt them to explore the points of strong performance and stop by the challenges they face so as to overcome them and seek appropriate solutions to them.


During the dialogue-based session held in Al Taawun Registration Center on the sidelines of the field visit that came as part of the Higher Management’s efforts to directly communicate with all sections of employees and be familiarized with the progress of work at the Center, Al Khouri praised the dazzling and impressive performance of the registration administrative employees in all centers, which resulted in a constant rise in registration rates. At the same time, Al Khouri praised the dedication shown by all the employees including directors of centers, supervisors, customer service administrative staff, office administrators, revenue collectors and service employees.

Special thanks

Al Khouri expressed his sincere thanks to all the delegated employees for their strenuous and fruitful efforts, which led to a remarkable rise in the number of transactions processed by them. He also instructed the delegates working on Saturdays to be rewarded and listed in the training plan so that their job qualifications would be upgraded and their skills would be developed following the example of their colleagues working as the Emirates Identity Authority’s staff.

Rewarding distinguished employees

Meanwhile, Al Khouri instructed that distinguished employees continue to be rewarded while the employees at Sharjah centers should be rewarded following the example of the employees of Dubai and Abu Dhabi centers and should be provided with an attractive work environment that would help them be more dedicated and creative and contribute to crystallizing their skills and upgrading their performance. It should be made easy for all employees without exception to avail of an examination leave and be provided with a work environment that would serve this purpose, based on firm belief of the Emirates Identity Authority’s Higher Management that its employees in general are its real asset and are at the same time the target and means of its process of development, he said.

Presence in registration lines

Al Khouri reiterated his call on the directors of centers to listen to the remarks and suggestions made by employees, particularly those related to job routes, laws and regulations. He also stressed the necessity for all the supervisors working in the centers to communicate with registration administrators and leave their offices so as to be available in the registration lines for as many working hours as possible in view of their vital role and keenness to overcome the difficulties faced by registration administrators while performing their work.

Self-restraint and control of passions

Highlighting the necessity to work as one team and re-organize the employees of registration centers in such a manner that supports the spirit of co-operation and consolidates mutual respect among them, Al Khouri stressed the importance and necessity for the employees to exercise self-restraint, control their passions and take the work environment into consideration while encouraging registration administrators to excel in their work and constantly reminding them that they are the mirror that reflects the Emirates Identity Authority’s reputation on customers and applicants.


Al Khouri stressed the importance of giving more value to “appreciation” and using this method by word and deed, either by repeating the term “thank you”, which has a great positive effect on sharpening energies and raising spirits, or using many other appreciation terms and phrases that should prevail in the production lines inside registration centers, contribute to finding the incentive and motivate the employees to excel in their work.

Connecting link

Al Khouri pointed out that regular meetings between the director of the center and both the supervisors and employees are essential as they are a connecting link among the center’s family members and an instrument for conveying information to employees. He stressed the necessity of following up the performance of employees and fixing a board in a clearly seen place inside the center which would show their levels of performance. He also stressed the importance of forming working teams and using a suitable tool through which to assess the performance of groups and individuals.

The session was attended by H.E. Hatem Al Hamli, Executive Director for Financial Affairs, and Mrs. Khawala Al Tayer, HR Director, in addition to the Director of Al Taawun Registration Center, the center’s supervisors and customer service and registration administrators.

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