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78% of the “ICA” customers are satisfied with the average waiting time at the customer happiness centers”

In a survey participated by 27,900 persons

According to a survey conducted by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship on its website, 78.17% of the participants confirmed that they benefited from the “average waiting time” service provided by ICA through its website, to enable its customers to know the waiting time in thier customer happiness centers.

The survey, which included 27,900 persons, said that the percentage of those who did not benefit from the service did not exceed 9.84%, while 12% was neutral to the question posted by ICA.

ICA said that the service of knowing the waiting time is a new and distinguished service provided by ICA to its customers via its new website recently launched to enable them to know the waiting time in each of its customer happiness centers and the nearest to their place of presence and the time it takes to reach it.

ICA stressed its endeavor to add the qualitative services to its website permanently to make it the first channel through which it provides its services and the basic reference that the customer can use to obtain reliable and accurate information, in order to achieve excellence in services and to continue to lead in performance and development in various aspects of its institutional work, which is in line with the leadership approach and reflects its guidance in achieving electronic and smart transformation, providing advanced services for nationals and residents and making it accessible at all times and from anywhere.

ICA indicated that the new website, which was launched on the margin of its participation in the 37th cycle of “GITEX Technology Week 2017”, provides many electronic services that are provided by ICA in a modern interactive manner, which was formulated according to the wishes of the customers and based on the results of the surveys and studies conducted by ICA to identify their preferences, the website prioritizes the contents with higher turnout.

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