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4 days left for the residency’s violators till the end of the grace period of “Protect Yourself by Changing Your Status” initiative

The grace period, provided by the State to the violators of the Law of Entry and Residency of Foreigners to change their status or leave the State voluntarily within the framework of “Protect Yourself by Changing Your Status” initiative, ends after four days (1st of December) after the end of its four-month grace period. All the violators all over the state had benefited therefrom, whether by changing their status or by leaving the state without being charged with any fines.

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship invited all violators, in a report published by newspapers today, to hurry to apply and benefit from the advantages granted by the initiative within the remaining days of the grace period.

ICA affirmed that, immediately after the end of the grace period, it will organize intensive search campaigns to detain the violators of the Law of Entry and Residency of Foreigners. Deterrent legal procedures will be taken against anyone who thinks to continue to breach the Law and penalties stipulated by law will be enforced against them including the imposed fines for the whole violation period as well as imprisonment and deportation from the State.

Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashedi, Acting Director-General of Foreigners Affairs and Ports at ICA confirmed that the “Protect Yourself by Changing Your Status” initiative is distinguished from the initiatives that were previously launched last years, as it provides the opportunity for the violator, who attends voluntarily to change his status, to be completely exempted from all the fines accrued against him including the fines imposed for the delay in issuing or renewing ID cards, besides the ability to leave the State normally without being listed under the ban statement, which allows him to return back to the State with a new visa in accordance with the applicable procedures.

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