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It was by God’s will that we were born and brought up on this blessed land. God Almighty has blessed us with leaders who appreciate the value of this giving land as well as the people living on it. They ruled in justice; they loved us and we loved them.

The Emiratis have a special relationship with their leaders characterized by mutual everlasting love, brotherhood, parenthood, and Islamic and national values.. all under one united roof.

What I have said is not a kind of human fantasy or rosy dreams that will soon vanish; it is the reality that every Emirati lives and feels every day.

Moving from tents to compete with clouds? Is it possible? Yes, our country is prospering day after day making a modern boom on the international level. We say and we do. We work to build our future, and the future welcomes our words and deeds with a smile.

No wonder dear readers. Thanks to those loyal hands which loved their country and rulers thereby built faithfully, we are today reaping the fruits of our excellence and pursue for the first, and only first, rank.

Wondering how will this happen?

Have you heard about the elegant government services with 7 stars shining in one card? A transaction is completed in minutes with a smile that has always been for generations on the faces of the sons of Zayed.

May Allah bless those who have built this country and helped it flourish.

As we enjoy all these blessings, we should pray for our country and always ask Allah to “Keep this country safe and peaceful”.


Ahmed Al Marzouqi / Al Barsha Registration Center
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