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I dedicate to you these phrases, which, though tiny in size, massive in essence:

To make mistake is not an issue, no matter how big your mistake is;

To admit mistake and accept advice may not be privilege.

What is really essential is not to commit the same mistake again, never!

To be loathed by others while having self confidence and self esteem is much easier than being cherished by others while you loathe and distrust yourself

Whatever your past mistakes are, do not allow them to overwhelm you, since they will turn your present into hell, and your future into ruins. You may just review them to gain momentum on the way of right and correctness

If you consider all people angels, your dreams may collapse

However, if you over trust them, you may one day repent your naivety

Numerous are the illusions which destroy us before we get to know those who loved us and those who fooled us

Be statuesque in your humbleness, humble in your glory

That is a trait of the great

When you have a heart as delicate as a rose;

A will as stubborn as steel;

A hand as open as the sea;

A mind as vast as the sky,

You are one of those who create the glory

Najat Hasan Al Mshajari Senior Supervisor, Al Wahda Registration Centre
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