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In his distinguished daily column “Sabahul Kheir”, Ibn Al Deera on Thursday, June 2, 2011 wrote a significant article about ID card titled “Last Call” in which he extended a fresh call to every individual to register and get an ID card.

Due to the importance of the article, the Emirates Identity Authority’s website is republishing it in full for the benefit of everybody.

Below is the article:

The ID card is in itself and as part of the population register system a great step that found its way to success, thanks to the co-operation of the competent authorities and individuals. Yet, there is still a lot to do in this connection before the objective is fully or almost fully fulfilled.

Thanks to the current sovereign and government support for handling the demographic problem, the launch of new strategies for comprehensive  development and the UAE investment program, bolstering the idea of ID card in the full sense of the word is a national and moral duty.

We are a short period away from the end of the grace period given to nationals to register for ID cards before fines will be actually imposed. Most residents are waiting to register in the ID card program whenever they wish to renew their residence. This kind of delay is not positive. What is positive is to take the initiative and proceed with registration due to the fact that obtaining an ID card is extremely beneficial and leads to more security, safety and stability for individuals and the society as a whole.

The ID card, which contributes to holding the demographic problem under control, helps to a great extent in the planning process and in bringing crime raters to a minimum, not to mention the services provided through the ID card through the foreseeable future.

This is a fresh call to register and get an ID card. Those who have not registered yet are requested to hurry up. The Emirates Identity Authority has given our society, both nationals and residents, many opportunities and grace periods but a firm decision must ultimately be taken. Tomorrow or after tomorrow, those who have not registered for ID cards yet will feel that their life is actually in chains. So, are there any respondents to my appeal?

By: Ibn Al DeeraAl Khaleej Newspaper
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