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“In the race for excellence there is no finish line” 

A saying by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Excellence in the Emirates Identity Authority has a special flavor; it is a combination of creative and innovative mental properties that deeply believe that excellence is a prerequisite that would make a difference in the local and global competitiveness and is the wing that an organization uses to fly high in endless blue oceans.

The leadership of the Emirates Identity Authority plays a key role not only in instilling the foundations of excellence but also causing its intellectual capital to be imbued with them and adapting its methodology of thinking to keep pace with a worldwide leading future vision that joins a race with the winds and keeps away from the traditional approach in practices and methods of thinking.

The intellectual capital in the Emirates Identity Authority constitutes the feasible integrative link that directly contributes to achieving future visions. This has led to the idea of investing in people and adopting exceptional universal concepts for upgrading human resources, not to mention the organizational and systematic knowledge management, which comes under organizational learning, where the Emirates Identity Authority has been a pioneer in adopting and activating the concept of organizational learning at the internal and community  levels.

Hence begins the journey of excellence.. and sails the Emirates Identity Authority’s fully loaded ship far away under a strategic leadership of clear vision, mission and destination, looking for all that is innovative and iconic. During its voyage, the ship berths in fertile green ports to invest some of its cargo and load all that fits it and offers feasible and supportive added values to it.

The Emirates Identity Authority’s ship is characterized by its positive energy, which brings contentment, happiness and enjoyment and creates an atmosphere that motivates free and creative thinking.

The Emirates Identity Authority has proved over the years that it is ready to be the first locally and globally and occupy top ranks in excellence and leadership races so as to create a new concept for non-traditional competition in blue oceans where modern, innovative and creative added values ​exist.

Finally, in the race for excellence, it is a matter of to be or not to be but in the Emirates Identity Authority it is a matter of to be and to be.

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