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The Emirates Identity Authority offers a wide range of services to its customers from registration in the population register through all services related to the data stored on the ID card smart chip including photo, fingerprints and other sorts of data used to verify and authenticate the cardholder’s identity.

One of the services offered by Emirates ID upon a customer’s request is an ID card profile document, or what is officially called (Identity Verification Certificate). It is a document which includes the information and data stored on the ID card chip which the cardholder might need to either complete various procedures in case of card loss, or to issue a passport for a child registered in the population register.

Seeking to obtain such a document, many customers with different nationalities, dialects and cultures visit Emirates ID. Each of them approach the customer service representatives having in mind some different terms to convey their wish to obtain the identity verification certificate in order to complete their transactions.

The amusing thing is that each customer will call the certificate a different name such as: a certificate, details and data, ID report, old ID card paper..etc. As a result, we have compiled a large number of titles referring to one document, namely the (identity verification) document.

It is our responsibility as front desk employees seeking to satisfy our customers and to draw smiles on their faces, to try to understand our customers’ requests regardless of their languages or dialects in order to provide them with what they need to complete their transactions. This should also help achieve Emirates ID’s 4th strategic objective to establish a service-based organization focusing on achieving goals and upgrading customer service while sustaining excellence-based internal services.


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