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The words that a human being utters and the way they deal with others are evidence on how far they are cultivated, elegant and intellectually developed. This is because it is such standards as cultivation, elegance and intellectual development that measure the human speech and behavior rather than the number of books a human being reads or the types of degrees they are awarded, though these two elements are highly important.

In this short essay I would like to present to my colleagues in the Emirates Identity Authority and to all those who read this section some ideas that may contribute to helping all of us develop ourselves and improve our positive thinking based on the concept of exchanging ideas and thoughts for the benefit of all of us:

The 1st idea is a call for research and reading about any problem we face in life with the aim of educating ourselves and gaining more information. Here, I would like to say: You may experience bad feelings due to the lack of understanding or otherwise you may find a solution or a way to adapt.

The 2nd idea: We can say bad words properly and good words badly; so before you think about what you are going to say, think of how you are going to say it.

The 3rd idea: If you want to stop worrying and need a fresh start, here is the rule: Count the graces that Allah bestowed on you rather than your troubles.

The 4th idea: It is smart to feel optimistic when you fail, while self-confidence in times of despair means you are strong and perseverance despite obstacles means success in itself.

The 5th idea: Make reasonable and viable goals because if you start something that you cannot finish, you will be disappointed and frustrated and you may be accuses by others of being a man of a fluctuating mind.

The 6th idea: Teach your child the skill of thinking for himself. So, when your child asks you how to solve a problem, ask him about the proper way to solve it and give him the opportunity to do so. By this, your child will learn to keep trying to overcome impasses.


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