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“ID World Abu Dhabi Summit 2013” starts tomorrow, for which, Emirates Identity Authority invited government bodies, banking, information and telecommunication sectors to nominate their representatives to attend the summit, which starts its activities under the patronage of His Highness Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Deputy Chairman of the Emirates Identity Authority.

The summit is part of the technical advancement march started a long time ago by the United Arab Emirates, which had a great influence on motivating growth paces at high unprecedented rates, which made the orientation firm in settling the “Technical Development” in reality, action and culture. It may not be possible to show the full effect during the seventies of the last century, but it will fully highlighted with the 21st Century Generation, that set out like an arrow towards building knowledge bases in the technology field, which bode well for the development and the country achieving leadership status in scientific, practical and civilized areas.

Maybe the interest in the coming generation preceded the technological development itself, as the technology language became common, smooth and easy among the growing generation who took modern means as postulates, necessities and national, individual and community obligations, so they merged with these technologies and it merged in the generation culture, until there is no young man or woman that is linked to the technological culture in its various manifestations, shapes and contents.

Emirates Identity Authority did good by inviting the Higher Education Institutions to encourage students of scientific research to contribute in the summit and view the latest international directions in the areas related to the Advanced Digital ID Systems, which would enable them to prepare scientific researches in the field of digital ID and develop and design innovated software and electronic application contributing to the reinforcement of the “smart” ID card role, increasing its usability and efficiency in facilitating and simplifying the services in the public and private sections in the country.

Such an invitation should be generalized and should become part of the conventions, summits and meetings held by the authorities and institutions, so that the youth would be present in their activities and contribute in their discussions and the shaping of its ideas and recommendations, because the youth may present many creative, excellent and constructive ideas to these summits and meetings, and the youth would also gain the summits and meetings experience, avail fresh information, as the participants in such international summits are keen on presenting the latest ideas and propositions in such areas that develop by the second, especially that the summit will review in its sixth session this year, and over 2 days, more than 50 specialized local and international worksheets, with the participation of an elite decision makers worldwide in many of the areas linked to the “smart” ID systems, and the digital ID recognition systems. This makes it an opportunity for the students and employees of the government institutions to merge in the technological society through summits that combine the scientific visions, academic researches and social discussions carrying the visions of many sectors of the business and other professions’ community.

AL Watan Newspaper
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