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The most important prayer that emanates from your heart is for Allah to grant those who you love full health and a long life.

And the most important thing you can do to any human being is to extent him a helping hand when he faces health problems.

“The health of our citizens and those who live amidst us in our country is our priority,” said HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

As such, an integrated health system on par with global specifications will be set up, including a national health database register that will include all those who visit government and private hospitals, with each patient having a unique number to identify him in whichever hospital in the UAE he visits. This number will be his password using which his doctor will access his health file.

The ID number is the medical key which will enable all doctors to access the files of the patients and understand the views of other doctors about their health conditions.

It is important for everyone to know how to utilize the technological development to serve him, facilitate work and save time.

The important thing about health files is to avoid errors committed by doctors and reduce the confusion felt by the patient. Whenever a patient is referred by a doctor to a hospital, he is forced to undergo the same tests that he had just got done days or weeks before.

The new development is bound to limit wastage of time and money for the patients, as well as the pain of carrying numerous files from one hospital to another as if he was starting a new treatment process from point zero. It is important for any hospital to accept the test results from another.

The country now wants to link the medical files to the development it is witnessing all around, and to offer a helping hand and a sense of happiness and comfort. Its eyes are fixed also on the world outside to extend medical and humanitarian help for those who need it. Today, it is carrying to the UAE the injured and affected families from Yemen and other regions suffering from devastation and plunder at the hands of the Houthis in order to provide them treatment in the hospitals here.

What the UAE is now doing for Yemen is nothing new. It is the same country that entered Palestine, particularly the besieged Gaza. It is the same country that sets sail towards any country near or far whose people need help as a result of catastrophes or wars.

It is a country that strives to extend to others the advanced health care and services that its people and residents enjoy.


Marlin Saloum Al Khaleej Newspaper
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