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Three young men, less than ten years old, going out of a store while arming; I have raised my hands as a kind of surrendering, but recognized that they are untrue weapons. This situation happened to me in front of a shop, near a residential area.

Since then, some questions crossed my mind: What makes children spending their savings to buy game weapons, perhaps for several days, and letting delicious desserts? Why children are going without accompanying? What is parents’ way of acting with such games? In addition to many questions that I can not find answer.

If we searched a child life, we will find that it is held on to television, and video games, etc.. Why?

Because a father, on one hand, spends most of the day at work then come back seeking for rest and sleeping till evening, then goes with friends, forgetting the responsibilities towards family and raising children. On the other hand, mother keeps not missing any social occasion, in addition to job requirements for working mothers.

I urge all of you to remember Prophet Muhammad’s message says that every one should supervise his family.

If we make a fast analysis of content and quality of a large number of children’s programs, we will find that most of them inciting violence. Animated series full of destruction, murder and bloodshed, and even ones for sports like football, incite violence.

Any one may see such amazing things when watching a children channel for one hour. It is obviously inciting violence, murder, and destruction, in addition to video games that became most interested in killing, destruction, and guerrilla war. For these reasons, we should not become surprised of children violence.

I invite you all to devote some time for your children to supervise programs they watch. When buying games, you should focus on ones that develop child’s mind and contribute to build character in the proper form, and let games that develop hatred and violence.

Finally, I wish you all a life free from violence. May Allah grant us all success!

By: Ahmed El Abdouly Fujairah Registration Centre Director
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