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Green Agenda

The Integrated Policy for Quality, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environment

Emirates ID, in fulfilling its mission in the execution of the Population Register and the ID card program, is committed to establish, document, implement, and continually improve an integrated management system for Quality, Health and Safety, and Environment as per the requirements of international standards: ISO9001: 2008, BS OHSAS18001: 2007, ISO14001: 2004. This commitment includes the following:

  • Emirates ID’s top management commitment to identify, understand, and effectively fulfil its customers’ requirements, in a way that exceeds their expectations and achieves their satisfaction by adopting Customer Service Charter.
  • Consistently control, monitor, and review service provision processes, and work on improving them continually. This applies to services provided by Emirates ID and those provided by its external partners.
  • Continually improve Quality, Health and Safety, and Environment Management System, and set up ambitious goals and targets, and ensure their achievement.
  • Emirates ID is committed to identify and define the risks and impacts of its routine and non-routine operations on occupational health and safety and environment. The aim is to maintain an eco-friendly work environment that is safe for both employees and customers.
  • Prevent environmental pollution, Health and safety incidents and occupational illness as far as possible.
  • Full compliance with UAE’s laws, legislations, and agreements in relation to occupational health and safety and environment preservation.
  • Ensuring Emirates ID’s employees are competent and capable to perform their duties with a high level of Quality and Excellence, and that they are continuously engaged, consulted, communicated with, and encouraged to shoulder their responsibilities with regards to Quality, environmental impacts, and occupational health and safety hazards.
  • Provision of infrastructure, resources, personal protective equipment, and guidance necessary to ensure a safe and risk-free work environment.
  • Focus on customer feedback through measuring their satisfaction, responding to their complaints & analysing them, and adopting effective corrective and improvement actions to treat the root cause of these complaints and prevent their recurrence.
  • Ensure readiness and preparedness for any potential health and safety or environmental emergencies.
  • Implement solid environmental measures and practices for the management of Emirates ID’s buildings, facilities, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Apply controls to optimize resources’ consumption and encourage recycling and reuse of resources.
  • Use of safe materials and equipment, and provision of information on the appropriate methods for handling, lifting, storing, and disposal of these materials and equipment in a way to preserve environment and occupational health and safety, and avoid the use of materials harmful to environment.
  • Adopt quality, health and safety and environmental criteria in selecting Emirates ID’s vendors for products and services.
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