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The announced slogan is distinguished government performance and initiatives necessary to achieve better levels reaching an excellent corporate future. Assessment in the announced slogan is the global standard. It suffices that we are a country that wants to be among the best five governments in the world which is possible because we have what it needs: geographic location, historical importance, privileges of the federation, human resources, structural development, knowledge economy and infrastructure and technical structure. We also have will and ambition. How much of the government performance slogan was achieved and how much will be achieved? The message we got out of establishing then cancelling a ministry for the public sector development is that in each ministry, there is an internal mechanism to achieve that, i.e. a mini government development ministry.

It is expected and natural then for the level of development to vary according to the work of institutions. Sometimes the comparison is unfair due to different roles, number of employees, difficulty or ease of relationship networks inside each institution and between it and its counterparts. Some variation can be justified practically and some other may be due to negligence of the institution and its employees. This calls for continuous follow up to pinpoint the weaknesses and strengths and progress or negligence. It is however relative; one institution may be successful in one filed and fails or is not as successful in another field.

It is necessary that we stop repeating the government development slogan without being aware of its true meaning. Actions speak louder than words. Action in this case is the development made in a calculated and regular manner day after day, year after year through various programs and projects.


Ibn Al Deira, Al Khaleej Newspaper
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