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A rare model of modern leadership; this is an accurate description, fair portrayal and logical conclusion of the leadership scene on this land, the UAE land deservedly boasting these days of its achievements and successes.

Our words will not do justice to describe this beloved leadership. Words will not be adequate to describe either the governance we are talking about or the vision of the leader directing us.

The earlier days were brimming with patience and sacrifices, but our Father Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of our nation and builder of our renaissance, the visionary and leader was able to lead us towards the shore of safety and security.

Sheikh Zayed, May he Rest in Peace, is the epitome of wise leadership and vision of a leader at the same time. He is a “Distinguished Leader”.

He understood this land very well and studied its details. The UAE filled his heart and soul and he wholeheartedly strived for the Emirates, its present and future, throughout his life.


By: Eng. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri, Director General
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