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The United Arab Emirates is known for the speed of accomplishing transactions in the majority of governmental facilities, departments and institutions, as they all follow one approach in dealing with the customers, with the exception of minor cases that confirm the rule and do not break it, which are cases limited to irregular locations and circumstances, and certain times.

Facilitating procedures is part of the civilized interaction with customers, respecting them, their times and the interests they seek to a complete in the fastest time and the best performance.

The value of respect is the foundation on which service, interaction and relationship can be built, and it exists in essence and appearance.

The essence says that transactions are completed with extreme speed, as the guides and directions for the officials in different institutions, are to follow the transactions so that each transaction does not exceed 10 minutes at most, which what happens in man of the institutions, while exceptional cases remain controversial, for they can turn into a habit –if not dealt with- and infection transferable to others.

As for the appearance, it is what we notice often at the reception, of greetings and sometimes symbolic hospitality in the form of Dates or sweets that makes the customer feel as if he/she is visiting a friend and not a surly employee that would irritate the customer before reaching him.

This kind of welcoming and respect is the one of the civilized faces of the United Arab Emirates that implant this attractive civilized value in its employees, and that remains in the sentiment of each resident and visitor, even in the sentiment of the citizens themselves who serve their guests of customers and stakeholders, with generosity and leniency, in the way they fulfill their needs at expected speed.

Many of the visitors to the United Arab Emirates are astonished by the respectful, generous and civilized treatment they receive from the welcoming Passports and customs employees at the airports and other entry points, unlike other countries where people are faced with hardship and difficulties by the employees of passports and customs, which distinguishes UAE from other countries where employees follow a rough and jagged way of dealing with visitors, as if they look down at them.

If this generosity and respect is the rule, it would be recommended to deal with any defect or expectations of this rule found at some institutions where you would find queue numbers still, while customers are looking and waiting for these boring numbers to move, and hours would pass without any movement. Would that be due to lack of employees? Although this institution or institutions are capable of recruiting sufficient number of employees to handle all customers transactions in no time.

On the other hand, there are institutions and authorities working effortlessly in order for the transaction to be completed in a short time, and even asks customers to receive the services, like Emirates Identity Authority, who’s higher committee called for the managers and supervisors of the authority’s registration centers across the country to guarantee providing the customers the highest levels of services. Which shows the difference between one institution and another.


Al Watan Newspaper
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