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E-Participation Policy


Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship folow the e-paricipation guideline provided by federal government and showing its commitment towards this guideline while managing  social media pages.

Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) launched its pages on social networking websites, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in 2010 as a platform to introduce its customers and followers to the latest news of ICA. After that, ICA began offering the interaction service with customers through those above-mentioned channels in May 1st 2012.

This document provides a guide on how to use social networking websites and tools responsibly, safely and effectively, in order to communicate with customers and users of social networking websites, and to cooperate with customers for designing and implementing governmental programs and governmental services in the light of propagating the use of social networking tools and websites at different levels.

This document is intended to clarify the relationship and communication policy to promote the mutual benefit of these tools, as well as maintaining the reputation of ICA, and to answer the followers’ questions directly and in a professional manner according to the guidelines and policies of the use of social networking tools mentioned in this document.

The Competent Entity

  • Office of Government and Community Communication at ICA undertakes the task of managing and observing the social networking tools which belong to ICA. This department is also responsible for explaining this document for customers, and observing the extent of commitment to the terms of this document, in addition to dealing with all the topics related to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship via social networking tools.
  •  Office of Government and Community Communication develops a clear communication methodology with the departments relevant to ICA and responsible for the services provided to customers.
  • Office of Government and Community Communication provides indicators and periodic reports required to measure the performance of ICA social pages. This is in order to track the performance of these pages and to be introduced to the extent of the impact of these pages on ICA reputation management and improving its image for customers and followers.

Content Management

Office of Government Communication undertakes the responsibility of publishing and managing the contents of ICA pages on social networking websites as follows:

  • Publishing ICA news, events and services in a simple and straightforward manner.
  • The style of publishing and dissemination focuses on automaticity and informality.
  • The process of publishing news and direct interaction with customers and followers will be in a time limit from 9.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m., every day except Friday and Saturday.
  • The interaction with followers and publishing news outside official working hours will be required when needed.
  • ICA through its pages on social networking websites asks the customers and followers some questions related to the services provided, as well as a periodic poll.
  • ICA is responsible for answering customers’ inquiries which are arisen through social networking websites.
  • ICA poses a series of competitions that focus on awareness of ICA role or general topics related to cultural information so as to enhance ICA strategic values of the dissemination of knowledge.
  • ICA is continuously seeking to know the customers’ needs and requirements, and develops its services according to the information collected by these social networking channels.
  • ICA pays a great attention towards analyzing and evaluating the extent of customers’ and followers’ responses via social networking channels.

Accounts Management

The content which ICA publishes via social networking websites represents the official view of ICA.

Accordingly, social accounts management criteria are as follows:

  • Choosing a team specialized and dedicated to communicate with customers to play the role of interaction with followers and answering their questions.
  • There should be a person responsible for the process of managing the official accounts and accepting the content intended to be published.
  • ICA welcomes its followers, their comments and participations in its pages on social networking websites.
  • ICA is entitled to delete any materials that could pose a threat to the individual or national security, or what violates the privacy of others and abusing them, in addition to any comments containing personal encroachments, or containing impolite and inappropriate language.
  • Those who are in charge of ICA pages have the right to delete or exclude the followers who do not abide by the above-mentioned rules.
  • The team responsible for social networking channels deals with the personal information and the numbers of customers’ registration application forms confidentially.
  • Followers are not allowed to publish their data on ICA page. Instead, they are directed to use the private channels, and those who do not adhere to the above-mentioned instructions are responsible for publishing their personal data.
  • ICA deals with comments and questions in all languages.

The behavior of the team responsible for the social networking pages

When managing the social networking channels, the team responsible for ICA pages on social networking websites is committed to the following points:

  • Principles of professional conduct and ethics in the public offices of the federal authorities, issued in July 2010.
  • UAE Human Resources Law (Federal Law No. 11 of 2008).
  • Acting in a manner that maintains UAE government reputation in general and ICA’s reputation in particular.
  • The team responsible for ICA pages should not publish their own official contact information for the purposes of correspondence, including e-mail, phone number and the mailbox, in addition to their personal profiles on social networking websites.
  • The team in charge of the management and following-up ICA social networking pages bears the responsibility of ensuring that their personal conduct on social networking websites should not damage ICA reputation.
  • The team responsible for ICA pages relies on a unified postal address or a private communication channel that represents ICA for requesting private information or data of the customer who seeks to communicate directly with ICA staff.
  • ICA Customer service team assumes part of the responsibility of responding to customers’ complaints which need support, especially when it is required to contact the customer directly.
  • Communication with customers and followers via social networking channels is interactive, not authoritarian. It is a guided communication, not haphazard, as in the case of communication using the traditional publication means. This enables ICA deliver the right message to the followers quickly and directly.
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