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Governance is the integrated and effective system developed by the Government to ensure integrity, transparency, and liability to increasing confidence with all stakeholders and the whole community. Good governance is the idealist and most efficient technique for accessing high-quality services, ensuring the rule of law and the application of justice principles among society members to assure the sustainable development.

His Excellency Major General Suhail Saeed 

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) embraces happiness and positivity within its institutional values and seeks to achieve the highest levels of employee’s satisfaction for its impressive impact on their performance, creates a positive work environment, promotes institutional loyalty, deepens awareness and commitment to advancing the ICA’s objectives and strategy and implementing its initiatives and projects at the operational level

Brigadier Khamis Al Kaabi

The happiness is the federal authority of identity and citizens ship priority ,they applied many international practices ,developed and innovated services and launched many initiatives in the field of  costumers  happiness services The authority has been keeping on making their costumers happy ,communicating with them,  seeking to know their aspirations and exploring their expectations ,adopting creative and positive idea , and making them the main thing that it based to their happiness and improving their quality of life

His Excellency Major General Suhail Saeed 

When Germany surrendered to the Allies in 1945, it was a wreckage of a country with a frustrated people, having lost more than 10 million militants and civilians. The war left Germany with 5 million detainees in Siberia and Europe, demolished cities and destroyed infrastructure. The Allies forces carried Germany’s factories, machineries and scientists with them while leaving the country. At that time, women became the majority of the population in Germany with a rate of 82% aged between 18-40 years, and suicide increased to unprecedented rates.

H.E. Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri - Director General of Emirates ID
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