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UAE people are known for patriotism and valor by instinct. These values were instilled in them since they were young children, whether at home or at school, to grow and make their way toward the light and hence gain more beauty and brightness.

The beginning was with the school morning assembly, where I was trying to do my best to sing the national anthem of my country as loud as possible, because I thought that the higher my voice was, the more this indicated the size of my love for my dear country.

After I joined the university, I had an increasing desire to attain the highest grades so that I would be able to pay part of the limitless favors back to my country. Following graduation, I was a persistent job-seeker but, much to my surprise, my job search continued for two years. I began to feel bored and doubtful, wondering if my mission was accomplished as soon as I received a university degree, if my role would be limited to practicing my everyday life and if my journey would come to an end here.

More obsessions were growing in my mind but disappeared only when I saw the sign of the “Emirates Identity Authorityand thought of applying for a job there. Thenews of my acceptance had a significant effect on me as it gave way to my seed of giving to continue its march towards a bright path where you can serve your country in the best way you can.

I am very proud that I belong to the Emirates Identity Authority, which achieved an Emiratization rate of 100 per cent as part of its excellence in all areas of contribution to the homeland.

Iman Ahmed Murshidi, Registration Administrator record, Fujairah Registration Center
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