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Emirates Identity Authority contributes greatly in supporting the union march and achieving progress in the United Arab Emirates, by being one of the most important government institutions providing demographical data to decision makers, which helps the country in planning for a prosperous and a successful future for the coming generations, so each one of them can perform his role in supporting the progress and success march experienced by the country.

The main goal of the authority is represented in identifying and confirming the identity of each individual living on the land of this giving country, through the “Smart” ID card which includes a number that is linked the biological characteristics of its carrier, this number is unique and is linked to the person for life, which would contribute to reinforcing the National and Individual security.

The ID card should contribute in facilitating the government transactions for every ID card holder, and to the electronic transfer in the country through the advanced applications which the card possesses and the infrastructure developed by the authority for this purpose.

The authority contributed effectively in creating job opportunities for citizens and became among the most important advanced government authorities in the field of localization, in addition to its effective and important role in reinforcing the National Identity, which is what makes more proud of being an employee there, working hand in hand with all my colleagues to upgrade the authority’s status towards achieving more progress and success.

All my thanks and appreciation goes to the Emirates Identity Authority for their efforts and endeavors in serving the nation and the citizen, which shows the wisdom of the great leadership of our country.

Long live our beloved country the United Arab Emirates, and long live the great and precious leader, His Highness the President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan –may Allah keep him- and may Allah have mercy on the soul  of the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah rest his soul.

Mariam Fadhel Allah.
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