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I go back with my imagination and thoughts to the past time, the beautiful time that went fast, leaving us helpless about it. I search the folds of laughs for our happiness but sensations take me to the dreams that come to our minds as a beautiful spectrum that pushes its way as a transient shadow. I see the seconds go in front of us but we still have the same feeling; our books are still filled with our childhood drawings and our seats still have the warmth of our stories.

I am telling you my little story at my place of work: the Emirates Identity Authority, which seems to me as a warm lap and a miniature home where I can find myself and feel my existence; it is the date of meeting, the fragrance of the past and the glitter of the bright future, God willing.

On one working day, specifically in the evening period, I was busy checking on ID card transactions before sending them for printing when I heard the voice of a female employee from the Registration Section asking her colleagues for change of an AED100 banknote. I checked my purse for change of AED100 and was able to collect AED100 in smaller denominations. I went to the employee’s office to give her what she had asked for. Surprisingly, I came across a customer of familiar features to me, though the elapse of a long time prevented me from remembering her name or who she was.

I tried hard to recall the place and time in which we met together. Following a deep journey to the past and after we talked together, we went back to the days of our study in the preparatory stage when we shared the same classroom. I have never seen her since the end of the last academic year in which we were together. I heard later that she got married at an early age and did not complete her studies. Many years elapsed before we could meet again at the Emirates Identity Authority: I as an employee and she as a customer. I can now remember her features despite the long years that elapsed and I am sure now that one does not forget the wonderful times he spent, that what one knew when one was young will live in one’s memory as long as one lives and that meeting the beloved and friends is possible though they had to separate for a long time.

finally, I would like to thank my beloved Emirates Identity Authority for the opportunities it offers us to meet people. I am proud of it and of being a member of its family; it is the beautiful present, the promising future and the place that embraces our happy memories, which we will proudly pass to our children and grandchildren.

Raya Al Darmaki/ Customer Service Administrator- Human Resources Ambassador - Fujairah Customer Service Center
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