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With all the traffic accidents occurring daily, many would think they are safe from being involved in an accident because they can have control over themselves, their vehicles, others and the road while talking on their cell phones and reading or sending text messages. However, it only takes a matter for second for an error to occur and cause grave consequences. Only then, the motorist realizes the enormity of the error committed. In many cases, regret is futile; what we deem a simple issue that is controllable is in fact an inevitable gravity.

Many of today’s cars are equipped with all sorts of entertainment. Even if these devices are not built in the car, one can still buy them at convenient prices. For example, at a price not more than 1000 dirhams, one can have an all in one device combining a GPS, video, music, digital TV and even picture viewers, mobile calls (hands free) and traffic cameras.

As a result, the drivers’ eyes are usually on these screens or their BlackBerries instead of the road which causes a major distraction. It is noticeable these days that many cars swerve between lanes showing the lack of focus of the drivers, who get into accidents or near-accidents.

Before we call for traffic campaigns and restrictive laws, we need to cooperate, think logically and use common sense to rectify our wrong behaviors. Indeed, no one of us wishes that his/her life ends because of sending or reading text messages or checking their BlackBerry.It most probably is a trivial message that can wait! The driver might crash into another vehicle and kill innocent people whose only mistake is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If laws dealt with all the different behaviors of people, they would be endless. It is better and easier to realize that thebehaviors that we would otherwise consider normal are in fact dangerous. They can cause a disaster for us, our families and those around us.

It is great to have the latest technology and state-of-the-art devices, but it is better to use them properly. Otherwise, such devices will pose a danger that threatens us each moment and becomes a source of aggravation for those around us.

By: Rashid Mohamed Al Naemi Al Khaleej Newspaper
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