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Day after day, the Emirates Identity Authority’s endeavor to build its sophisticated ID systems is making a remarkable progress on the road towards achieving the e-transformation sought by the UAE. Emirates ID’s efforts contribute to the UAE’s efforts to achieve the most advanced technological levels in this field. This has inspired the various government entities, centers and departments in the country to explore broader horizons in order to enhance this advancement towards materializing the UAE vision.

Since His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE announced 2008 as “the National Identity Year”, a flurry of official activities started by leaps and bounds, and are still going on, with the aim of exploring the best ways to preserve our national identity and reinforce its values in the UAE society which is characterized by demographic, cultural and racial diversity, and in light of the government’s ambitious plans to achieve development and economic prosperity. Several initiatives and programs were launched aiming to foster the values of belonging and loyalty and promote the principles of responsibility, interaction and sharing. All that made it imperative to develop the population register and the Emirates identity’s advanced systems in order to support the federal e-government projects and the shift into a “smart government”.Ok

The positive impacts and the broad prospects offered by the Emirate Identity Authority in supporting the modernization and performance development witnessed by the country under the prudent higher leadership is very widely noticeable. Emirates ID is not only about the ID card that everyone uses as a proof of identity in any transaction; it is much more than that. It is a giant strategic project. Very few countries in the world adopt such a system that incorporates works of ministries and their most important entities and institutions such as ministries of Justice, Social Affairs, Education and many other environment authorities as well as the smart e-government. These ministries and entities are linked with e-bridges where individuals and groups find a paved and transparent road for them to complete most of the public and private transactions and easily query about the relative procedures and details. It only costs applicants a click on their computers or mobile phones or any other smart communication device.

This has impressed many international experts including Richards Kerby, the Inter-Regional Advisor on e-Government at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, who commended the projects undertaken by Emirates ID to integrate the ID card applications within the daily life requirements in the country and support the applications of the smart government aimed at providing government services through smart phones and electronic channels. Kerby noted that the Authority’s experience is regarded as “one of the best government experiences worldwide due to its contribution in providing open data to government entities in the UAE making use of the digital identity project”.

The Emirates Identity Authority with its new strategic plan 2014-2016 and its prestigious global competitive position are a source of pride for the people and prudent leadership of the UAE.

Source: “Akhbar Al Sa’ah” bulletin by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research
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