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Based on the ambitious vision of our wise leadership to build a digital future in the country, and to devote leadership in the innovation and artificial intelligence field. The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has launched a digital transformation strategy that is based on 5 main strategic objectives:

  • Improving the competitiveness of the authority in the digital transformation field.
  • Integrated digitization of processes and services.
  • Promoting digital innovation with new technologies.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of digital processes and services.
  • Integrated digital culture.

The digital transformation strategy applied in the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has become a new method in dealing with individuals and institutions to achieve the trend that elevates the information society and spread the culture of digital dealing in all services. The era of digital information that we live today requires us to deal with it and adapt to its requirements.

From this standpoint the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship realized the importance of digital transformation in providing its services, starting from automating its services by 100% and reducing the percentage of costumers in service centers to 80% by 2021. Furthermore developing the electronic platforms and its smart application through entering and registering with an identity and digital UAE PASS, in addition to developing the infrastructure in order to empower and give all customers the opportunity of access to informations and carrying out all transactions on the digital network and smart channels.

Launching a digital transformation strategy in the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship will enhance the confidence in the digital transformation process, which aim helping customers to overcome the challenges and benefit from digital technologies, which will allow them to prepare strategically for the future.

And because investment in human capital is the locomotive of development, the launch of the digital transformation strategy and the approval of the Board of Directors on its foundations and objectives, we have announced an explicit digital charter to support digital culture and institutional digital innovation in the authority among employees, which will enhance their ambitions, refine and develop their digital competencies and retain them to lead change as they are Active ingredient during the transformation period.

To build a true digital culture, we will work with all partners to spread digital awareness and build a digital culture among all members of society in line with the directions of our beloved country.



His Excellency Major General Mansour Al Dhaheri
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