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While navigating Mr. Google in search for topics on innovation at work, a magnificent phrase stopped me and I felt that I need to share with my colleagues and the visitors of the Emirates Identity Authority website. The phrase says: “Correct your mistakes instead of blaming yourself”.

The meanings of this phrase urged me to call upon myself and my colleagues to start the New Year with determination to leave our own footprints and contribute to Emirates ID’s excellence. This can be done through doubling efforts and participating each in their capabilities in supporting the Authority’s march towards pioneering. Our contributions will definitely help guide Emirates ID on the right track.

Here is a call upon every fellow within this Emirati distinguished edifice not to be careless about your mistakes. Careless people are big losers, because those who don’t learn from their mistakes will never get the opportunity to learn. It is also a call for you not to be part of the other group of people who get terrified of making mistakes, and following a mistake they severely blame themselves. Those people tend to avoid doing anything out of fear of making mistakes. Both types are wrong. Be a person who tries to avoid doing mistakes, and if it occurred; doesn’t get frustrated. Let self-blaming be constructive and encouraging.

You need to always move on steadily and be confident of your capability to be one of the loyal soldiers who drive the ship with determination and will, since the true success is measured by comparing what you do with what you can do.

You are not required to be careless about work and repeat your mistakes; but rather do your job while trying not to do mistakes, as this is the path to success and innovation. Do your tasks even if the possibility of committing mistakes exists; learn from your past mistakes to consistently develop your outcomes.

Once failed, try again and be determined to correct yourself and achieve success. There is a root cause for every failure, correct it and you will get to satisfactory results. Stop blaming yourself and always remember that “today’s seeds are the roses of tomorrow and the thorns of the day after”.


Hanan Al Housani / Customer Service Executive - Fujairah Service Center
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