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Emirates ID employees congratulated Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Emirates ID Director General, for the accomplishment made by the authority under his distinguished direction. They commend his dedication for the success of its 2010-2013 Strategic Plan which resulted in registering the majority of the UAE population in the ID card over the last two years.

In this framework, Dr. Al Khouri thanked Emirates ID employees for their sincere congratulations.

Below is the speech of His Excellence the Director General addressed to Emirates ID employees:

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Praise be to Allah and blessing and peace be upon our prophet Mohammed, his family and his companions.

Brothers and sisters, Emirates ID employees


I thank Allah first and I thank Him again for bestowing us with the governance of Zayed’s sons

Leadership shall always remain the supporter and motivator for our distinction at Emirates ID

Leadership exerting efforts persistently to serve the UAE people

Leadership working silently without waiting for a word of thanks

Leadership that we will never be able to thank adequately however our work and sacrifices

Leadership that only expects from us to cooperate and participate in building the UAE

We ask Allah to bless our leaders, our role models

I thank you all. If it weren’t for your work and efforts over the past years, Emirates ID wouldn’t have made these accomplishments and achieved its goals

Brothers and sisters, I am urging you to insist on distinction and remember that actions speak louder than words

The responsibility upon all of us is huge. We must understand that we are not merely an institution that prints ID cards but we have to realize that we work in an institution that lays the foundations of security and economy in the UAE. We are working together to build a more secure society and support a stronger economy that speaks the language of the future. We endeavor to be a complimentary part in achieving the hopes of our leaders in making the UAE one of the best countries in the world

Brothers and sisters,

I have high confidence in you to be distinguished in serving our customers and to treat our customers like guests in our own house regardless of their age, shape and nationalities and to work hard to support each other regardless of our occupational positions or geographical locations

We should try and retry and create and innovate methods one after another to draw smiles on the faces of our customers

To be brief, I would like to thank you all again. These are the results you achieved and this is your Emirates ID. I am confident that no one can do the job better than you

May Allah bless you all

Your brother Dr. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Director General
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