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The UAE is setting a unique example of creative engagement between the country’s leadership and its people, according to Akhbar Al Saah publication. The model, which was laid down by the Founder of the UAE, the Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, is being pursued with determination under the wise leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and fellow brothers Their Highnesses, Members of the Supreme Council and Rulers of the Emirates, the publication said.

Under the title “Creative Interaction between Leadership and the People”, the publication added: “The large number of citizens who turned up to offer Eid greetings to their leaders across the country shows their love and appreciation for their leaders. It is the result of the open-door policy that drives the country, creates popular interest and reinforces allegiance and loyalty to our leaders on various occasions.”

The publication issued by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research clarified that UAE citizens are the top priority for the country’s wise leadership and it leaves no stone unturned in raising their standard of living and empowering them, noting that a quick look at the recent actions and initiatives launched by them suggest that all efforts are made to serve the citizens in the present and safeguard their interests in the future. “The message is significantly evident and creates the bonds of loyalty, dedication and faithfulness between the leaders and the people. It is this bond that makes the UAE an oasis of political and social stability based on decades-long traditions and values,” the publication said.

The publication affirmed that: “The UAE has consistently received high ranks from international organizations in their reports on satisfaction, happiness and prosperity. United Nations World Happiness Report for 2012 ranked the UAE first in the Arab world and 17th globally in terms of state of happiness among people. The UN Development Program’s Human Development Report for 2011 has been another example. In this report, the UAE was ranked top in the Arab world. These achievements have been the result of a comprehensive and farsighted vision pursued by our wise leaders. They have come as a result of sustained efforts that have created a pioneering and successful UAE model of development – that are now being targeted by many nations in the region and across the world.”

At the end of its editorial, Akhbar Al Saah said: “The UAE government revolves around engagement with citizens, positive interaction with their demands and aspirations, keenness to respond to these demands and aspirations and the creation of a comprehensive model of development that takes into account not only the present but also the future. The purpose is to secure development and maintain welfare for generations to come. Loyalty to our wise leaders is, hence, a deeply rooted value in the UAE – one that has been on display on various occasions.”

Al Ittihad Newspaper
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