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Change is an inevitable mode of life and a reality that we must not only experience and accept but also seek to achieve in all social, economic, environmental or knowledge-related walks of life and try to harness for moving from the actual reality to a brighter and more distinctive future.

It was Allah Who created the universe and made change one of the laws that govern it and regulate the relationship among its components. It is emphasized in several parts of the Holy Quran that a steady life for a human being is totally out of question as understood from Allah’s verses: “And these days We alternate among the people” (Al Imran-140). This not only makes it easy for us to accept change but even encourages us to strive to create the conditions that will contribute to making it a success in the best way to our benefit as individuals and to the benefit of our organizations and society.

To make it a success in organizations, this being our concern in this stage, change must be dealt with according to scientific methodologies and managed by such methods that will render it a major contributor to achieving a quantum leap in the organization’s output, no matter if the organization is service-related, industrial, educational or otherwise. This is achieved by applying a holistic and practical approach ranging from the current reality to the reality wanted to be reached.

Managing change in an organization means planning for transition from  an actual situation to a targeted one with the aim of achieving specific objectives within a clear common vision combining the leadership and employees, through which changes to a certain system are made. These changes are implemented in such a manner that can be controlled through following specific framework and model in an orderly manner coupled with minimum harassment or inconvenience to the organization’s internal and external audience.

All the employees of the organization must be urged to take part in carrying out the change project by raising their awareness and familiarizing them with the situation intended to be moved to, developing their aptitudes and skills for dealing with the new situation in a skillful and simple manner and helping them accept the change and the associated regulations and instructions and understand the new roles and responsibilities of those affected by it.

Finally, I must say that today is yours but tomorrow is someone else’s and that one’s weakness is embodied in one’s inability to maintain the position one has already assumed. This requires each of us to accept the change and ignore all the effects that may lead one to reject it or fail to deal with it. Each one of us is also required to overcome the obstacles and difficulties by means of self-challenge and the ability to prove one’s worth in order to be distinguished and unique. Thus, change in itself is a cure for instability and lack of the spirit of creativity and innovation. Without the fluctuation of the living conditions, there is no way for an arrogant man to become humble or an ignorant man to learn.

Raya Hilal Al Darmaki / Registration Executive
Fujairah Customer Service Center

Raya Hilal Al Darmaki / Registration Executive Fujairah Customer Service Center
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