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In Arabic, only one letter differentiates between the two words “Turmoil” and “Acumen”.

In concept, they are as far from each other as West and East.

A rational person is able to choose the direction that enhances acumen and uses wisdom in what he says, does and thinks.

Our country today is living its best era and is celebrating accomplishments that gave the Emirati citizen privileges whenever he goes.

People have better standard of living enjoying high levels of dignity and comfort.

This has been achieved thanks to a sharp vision, honest and merciful soul and sincere intentions of leaders who were convinced since the start that the human being is the most valuable resource and he is the most important and difficult figure in any construction or project to raise the UAE.

All these tremendous and continuous efforts yielded the unique Emirati model.

They stress the need to cling to the principle of teamwork established by the founding fathers and the leadership is seeking today to reinforce it to be title of the social, political and cultural structure that keeps the UAE in an advanced position in its near and far surroundings.

Taking sides and prejudice harm this spirit of unity and inflict damage on the national structure that has always been the strongest factor in shortening distances and taking leaps of development with different and new notions of success.

Secrecy raises doubts and suspicions and diverts hearts and minds from the most important goal, which is development, prosperity and happiness of the citizen to thinking in countering dangers and being occupied with fighting corruption instead of bringing welfare.

The nation today needs everyone to unite and reinforce the sense of trust in its wise governance.

The opportunity is still lingering for whoever missed the chance or slowed down to join the group with confidence towards the future.


Adel Mohamed Al Rashed, Emarat Al Youm newspaper
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