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The great value of the Arabic language comes from its being the language of the holy Quran and Sunnah. It is the core of Islam and constitutes a part and parcel of it. What gives Arabic a greater importance is that it is the first pillar of thinking because it is considered a pool of knowledge and the main method of communication between all Muslims.

The Holy Quran which Allah revealed in Arabic is considered the greatest miracle of thinking and science. That’s why Arabic has acquired an intrinsic value in the lives of both Arab and Muslim nations. Through Arabic, Arabs and Muslims come close and orchestrate. Arabic is the cultural fortress that protects the nation and its integrity.

Any researcher can discover to what extent this language is connected to the history of this nation and that this connection is a unbreakable, a matter which urged me to write these lines as a reminder of the importance of our Arabic language and its role in our lives whether in the past, the present or the future.

Arabic is one of the Semite broadest languages in terms of the number of Arabic speaking population which exceeds 422 million people. It is widespread globally because Arabs and Arabic speakers are spread all over the world.

When we talk about Arabic and its importance, we must recall the words of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may Allah protect him, who emphasized on different occasions that “Arabic is a language that we live and it expresses our various conditions.. It is not a perished past nor a history that doesn’t fit our present”, stressing that preserving it is a national, religious and moral responsibility that we should shoulder. H.H. noted in his statements and directives to the government entities that the UAE vision 2021 is aimed at making our country a prominent center of excellence for the Arabic language. This giving country has taken the responsibility to preserve and support the Arabic language urging its people to take care of it and continue their excellence and success in all fields related to it. Preserving the Arabic language and protecting it is an evidence of culture and taste.

Taking care of the Arabic language, protecting it and rooting its love in the hearts of young people is a responsibility of every family, organization, entity and society in general so as to prevent its erosion and to maintain it as a first language for all Emiratis.

Love and pride of the Arabic language will not stop any individual from learning about other cultures and languages. Education is a critical element of modern life; however, it doesn’t mean ignoring our mother tongue because it represents the Arab Nation’s wealth of heritage and the bright future of Arabs. Hence, preserving it is not only an educational task, but it is a moral cause and a noble mission.

Here is a call on all Emirates ID’s employees to use the Arabic language to communicate with each other whether in speech or writing for the benefit of everyone and in order to keep the Authority as an example for all entities as usual.


I will always have love, pride and belonging to my Arabic language.

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