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H.E. Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, Director General of the Emirates Identity Authority, emphasized that the verdicts announced today by the Federal Supreme Court against the members of the “secret organization” have strengthened our belief that Justice is the pillar of governance in the UAE. Those verdicts tell us that patience is the basis in treating those who unintentionally commit mistakes against the country and its symbols, values and principles. On the other hand, there is no compromise in applying the law against those who try to sabotage the structure whose foundations were laid by joint hard work of both the leaders and the people of our dear country who don’t spare any efforts in this respect.

Dr. Al Khouri said that the sentences announced against the members of the secret organization have proven how deeply the principles of justice, rights and equality in the UAE are rooted. They also reflected the keenness of the UAE leadership as well as its government, institutions and people to implement the law, achieve justice and maintain rights without being bias or unfair to people whoever they may be.

He commended the honesty of the Judiciary system in the UAE which is based on the provisions of Islam as stipulated in its constitution, highlighting the advanced and civilized levels of the legal procedures followed throughout the case. This has also proven that with Justice rights will be maintained, and that under the UAE prudent leadership presided by President H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, May Allah protect him, justice is a right that is secured for everyone in the country.

Dr. Al Khouri added that in the UAE, Justice is a symbol, and the rule of law is a guideline and an approach to renaissance and development. This is being achieved through a set of advanced laws and legislations that ensured rights and defined duties on the grounds that the honest and independent jurisdiction is the most vital element in building up a country, and that justice is one of the foundations of construction, progress and superiority.

He expressed his hope that the verdicts announced today will be a lesson for those whose sights and insights were blocked by the devil to an extent that they couldn’t see the big difference between the bright present and future of the UAE compared to the awful conditions and dark horizon in the countries that are experiencing difficult times looking for a glimmer of hope to achieve the minimum basics of decent life that preserves human dignity.

Dr. Al Khouri added that those who have common sense should deeply analyze the sufferings of the people of what is called “Arab Spring” countries and compare those to the graces Allah Almighty blessed Emiratis with. Emiratis are blessed with security and peace, and a wise, generous and fair leadership whose utmost priority is to maintain a decent and happy life for its people, develop the best government services worldwide, provide the highest level of health, social, educational and humanitarian care, and many other countless good matters.

He emphasized that the UAE was, still is, and will remain a paradise, not only in the eyes of its people but in the eyes of other nations as well, whether before or after the Arab spring, before or after the global economic crisis. He stressed that such a prudent leadership following the footsteps of late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, May his soul rest in peace, deserves our gratitude and prayers to Allah to keep their nobleness, generosity and love in the hearts of Emiratis.

Dr. Al Khouri concluded that a good person will always ask himself about what he has done to his country before asking what his country has given him; because countries are being built and will prosper only by the loyal efforts of their people, noting that what the UAE has provided to Emiratis and residents is unique and has never been provided by any other country in the world.

Dr. Ali Mohammed Al-Khouri / Director General
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