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We are discussing here one category of people who may be few or many but unfortunately it certainly exists. Some people would attribute their adverse and negative attitude to a bright reason. Such peoplelanguish because they are citizens; they are negligent in their work because they are citizens; they are behind in their studies because they are citizens; they take many leaves off work because they are citizens; they hope for free promotion because they are citizens; they work in one place and hope to work for another because they are citizens; they regress rather than advance because they are citizens; they treat the public badly because they are citizens; they drive their cars irrationally because they are citizens and they do not stand in line because they are citizens.

We could cite endless examples in this same context, but we also have to cite the opposite model, i.e. a positive, excelling and distinguished model also exists. Citizens who are fully aware of the meaning of good citizenship also exist. They work more than others because they are citizens and exert their utmost efforts to improve performance in the public job. They learn more because they are citizens; the usual academic certificates do not suffice for them; they want to attain first place in each field they participate in. Because they are citizens, they continuously seek to advance and progress and believe in their right in appointment and promotion because they work hard. They do not believe that their citizenship is a sufficient reason for distinction.

Preference is for the citizen. Yes. This is a reasonable, acceptable and logical value but a citizen is also required to work studiously and sincerely with himself and with others.

To be a citizen is a beautiful, tempting, noble, and great reason to love your nation more and serve the UAE and its community with strength and love.

You are a citizen. This is a reason that necessarily leads you towards more giving and progress.


By: Ibn Al Deira Dar Al Khaleej
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