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On 6th August, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan laid the foundations of union, progress, renaissance and construction.

Since assuming the post of Ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed sought massive development for his country. He was the Father of the Nation and embraced the citizens of his country with care and guidance when he said: 

“Our fathers are the first generation whose persistence and overcoming hardships caused our generation to exist on this land. The formation of the UAE is the concrete manifestation of the aspirations, hopes and ambitions of the united people of the UAE to build a free and dignified society and a promising and just future so that they might be the pioneering people for total Arab unity”.

The late leader Sheikh Zayed succeeded in affirming the principles of progress by relying on two strong bases in his modernization projects:

First: Planning, work, follow-up, organization and sincere efforts.

Second: Resources and expenditures that allow the success of development processes.

He did not forget the citizens; his first concern in developing young cadres and the nation was developing human resources. In this context, he said:

“The human being is the basis of any development process. Our concern for the individual is vital as the individual is the center of any real and continued development. Whatever buildings, schools and hospitals are constructed and whatever bridges are extended, they all remain material entities with no soul, unable to keep going. It is the soul of the individual that lies beneath any constructions. The thought, creativity and capability of human beings are what enable them to maintain any constructions and develop them to ensure their continuance.”

“The state gives its priority to build its individuals and care for its citizens throughout the country. The citizen is the true and most valuable resource on this land and in this country. The material capabilities cannot be enhanced or developed without qualified and capable human resources”.

“The road to development shall always require each individual in this society to exert their utmost efforts to reap the fruits. We ask God for His blessings to reach our goal and achieve renaissance.”

May Allah bless Sheikh Zayed’s soul …

We remember him with the utmost affection …

O Lord! Zayed is in your refuge and in the covenant of your asylum. So, [O Lord!] protect him from the trial of the grave and the torment of the Fire. Only You are worthy of all praise and of the fulfilment of your promises. So, O God! Forgive him and have mercy on him. Indeed, you are Forgiving and Ever-Merciful.

By: Ali Hamd Al Khatri Registration Administrative Sharjah Registration Center
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