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In this sense, the question of achievement is directly related to time, and in every year there are efforts exerted, new ideas created and budgets devoted to the completion of projects. Strategies in our country are linked to its promises and completion dates, and the entire community is invited to follow up. What is the completion percentage of this or that project? The press and mass media might exert the follow-up efforts consistently and persistently: for example, it is said 50 percent of this facility or that highway was completed. Some projects may be delayed, prompting the press to ask questions which the person in charge may or may not answer.

The endings and beginnings of years are absolutely suitable for an inventory at both the individual and corporate levels. Organizations, usually, seek this process at the level of budgets, spending and income, but only a few of them questions responsibility by putting it at stake and in the frontline.

This mode of thinking is adopted by the UAE government, a dynamic government par excellence, which calls for taking initiatives and rejecting bureaucracy and routine truly and honestly. This, however, is required to reflect equally on the performance of organizations and departments even in the minutest details. Moving forward is important, but such importance will diminish if man did not look back a little for revision, calculation and recalculation.

The year 2013 is wanted to be a year of continuous development, progress and prosperity. When His Highness the UAE President gave his directives for the year to be devoted for Emiratisation, coupled with a package of initiatives, the first of which is Absher, these sublime directive noted strongly the importance of paying due attention to human resources, where citizens are the top priority and prime concern.

Welcome to 2013 and to work, production and proficiency.


Ibn Al Deira, Al Khaleej Newspaper
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